Renault Megane 205 hp TCE: a sporting effective test

The four-wheel steering make ‘magic’ with the performance of Renault M├ęgane GT, giving personality and dramatic step curve.

Renault Megane GT test the French car

Renault Megane GT test the French car

Renault Megane GT test the French car

Renault Megane GT test the French car

The version TCE 205 CV It is by far the most prestacional of 4th generation Renault Megane sports car dyes and chassis tuned by Renault Sport, but it not intended to reach the radicality of the versions R.S. Car is technically very interesting, with as remarkable as the element 4Control integral steering system, "launch control" and a function for multiple cuts dual clutch -in braking, just leave the left cam down to go way down gears automatically. This, it spiced with the modern approach of the new Renault Megane, makes the GT in one of the most sophisticated models in its class. Not needed Digital control box which can be customized with various designs and colors, ambient lights matching and 5 driving modes modifying the response of the engine and accelerator, hardness of the management system performance 4Control, laws of change and engine sound (it is processed through the audio equipment). A quirk.

Renault Megane GT 205 hp TCE: A R.S. junior?

The four steering wheels of the Renault Megane GT TCE 205 hp improve dynamic qualities, but also they bring special driving feel. No need to go at high rates to notice the Rounding the rear axle, which it is accentuated from the steering wheel angle when reminding provoke a controlled slide. You can feel up to about 80 km / h in the driving mode R.S., and up to 60 km / h on the rest. It requires a period of adaptation, because their performance is not as linear as in the acclaimed Renault lagoon with system 4Control, but once you get used to and do not try to correct the ‘oversteer’, the vast majority of cars will seem more boring because of its slow directions.

Renault Megane GT 205 hpAt higher speeds the rear axle Renault Megane GT TCE 205 hp reverses its behavior, ie the wheels rotate in the same direction as the front to provide changes more stable and immediate lane. In addition, the system autonomously granting small corrections poise and precision, compensating parasitic movements, brusque on our part, side wind or imperfections of the asphalt. Between this and the silence of march, the feeling of transmitting speed is much lower than the real. In return (or peculiarity, for the less purist), sometimes you feel a bit disconnected from the road, with a slight feeling that you’re floating, especially on the highway you face a curve dual radio brisk pace, as there is It corresponds exactly the movement of the steering wheel what really makes the car. The rear suspension slightly tempers the reactions of the car, transforming our ‘rough’ orders on the precise steering in a millimetric softness only available for quick calculations a computer with access to multiple data ESP, but at the expense of feel the car a little less direct and losing a bit of immediacy. Not necessarily a drawback, because this softening of movement translates into a greater stability, security and aplomb. And, if you want … a endiablada step speed curve.

Renault Megane GT TCE 205 CV: full bore

In mountainous sections it comes out another facet of Renault Megane GT 205 hp TCE, the trust provides for go fast without apparent effort. There are hardly any understeer, even when in full support decide to tighten the turn, since the integral steering remove the front wheels work and get a great fluidity, with very little body roll and feeling of lightness. Only when forces the situation deliberately direction hardens unnaturally, worsening his touch, and intuit that the limit of adhesion is next, after which, if no low rhythm, drawn opens, but without losing the progressiveness. The rear suspension does a great job, and even when trying to cause actual slip of the rear base volantazo, the 4Control combined with ESP (Sadly, not disconnectable) to get everything back to your site smoothly as possible, yes, losing enough speed. In the end, to go really fast must nit and play to keep the momentum, and the underpowered sports; and say this one car with more than 200 hp It means that there is a lot behind the frame. In addition to supporting extremely high rhythms, rear axle guideline accelerates before the exit of corners without the car breaking down, although in very tight turns the ESP warning shows that the system is working in the background to keep everything under control. In other cases it is shown intrusive preventing accelerate thoroughly while the steering wheel is not substantially straight, something that can frustrate the most seasoned drivers.

The good thing about this Renault Megane GT TCE 205 hp is that it suitable for daily use. The suspension is firm, but not uncomfortable; is refined, smooth and quiet, and even the dual clutch It behaves in a very civilized manner in demanding situations such as urban traffic or maneuvering where the rear steering improves maneuverability. By last, The equipment is very broad and boasts luxurious details: when you approach the car with smart key in his pocket, light up the exterior courtesy lights, daytime running lights (front and rear) and mirrors open welcoming you. Very tempting.

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