Kia Picanto 2015, the urban animal car

The Kia Picanto is updated with minor cosmetic changes, expanded equipment and more efficient engines that prepare to fight in the daily urban jungle.

Contact Kia Picanto 2015

Contact Kia Picanto 2015

Contact Kia Picanto 2015

Contact Kia Picanto 2015

After release in 2011 the new generation of Kia Picanto, now is the turn for a full upgrade which aims to reposition the role of this car within nurtured and competed A segment of urban.

Available in two body styles of three and five doors, he Picanto 2015 sports a new design with changes in various parts. At frontal, for example, launches a sportier bumpers, grille adopts hundred percent Kia DNA with the characteristic design ‘Tiger Noise’ (or tiger nose) and versions that include fog lamps bring a new bill. In perspective side, the most striking feature is the presence of new alloy wheels 14 inches, while the rear area the lower part of the bumper is shown in black. As for colors to choose for the body, it exists six alternative (as new color includes the called Cherry Pink).

Kia Picanto 2015He inside the Kia Picanto 2015 changes with the incorporation of new materials and coatings for door panels, totally new steering wheel and new color options for the entire passenger compartment. With these changes, the South Korean firm wants to provide the Picanto higher quality visual and actual or perceived. After driving and analyze inside, yes we appreciate some positive evolutionary advance with a fresh and youthful design, although the predominance of hard plastics and the top of them takes some perceived quality in our opinion.

Two petrol engines

The Spanish range Kia Picanto 2015 It includes two petrol engines: a 1.0 CVVT three-cylinder 66 hp and a 1.2 CVVT four cylinder 85hp -the latter, you can only be combined with a four-speed automatic transmission, one of the novelties of ‘Restyling’ Picanto-. Both engines are already adapted to comply with anti-pollution standard euro 6.

Kia Picanto Interior 2015In our first contact with the updated Kia Picanto, We had the chance to drive version 1.0 CVVT special pack launch x-Tech. For a handful of kilometers from urban areas, Picanto He demonstrated at all times that the city is its natural habitat. The performance of this small engine is more than satisfactory and moves with looseness Y agility the Picanto in such displacements. The softness of your address and good management-touch manual shift are two points in their favor, while the sections of maneuverability and visibility Picanto beats them. And on intercity routes, you have to take turns higher engine speed to gain some speed. In our experience, the real thrust of the engine in these conditions notes from 3,500 / 4,000 rpm, a trend that is often repeated in atmospheric thrusters small displacement gasoline. This special version X-Tech It is provided with system ISG (Intelligent Stop &Go) stop and start engine, whose operation at all times found it more than adequate.

After this initial test, Picanto we left a good impression from the dynamic point of view, being a pleasant car to drive. As for values roominess and comfort, the driver’s seat we felt comfortable in general, although we believe that the base driving position is too high in our impression. In the rear, two adults of between 1.75 and 1.80 m can travel relatively comfortable, with a noticeable gap free ceiling heads, being somewhat fairer to the knees and shoulders.

Kia Picanto outer 2015Versions and equipment

Access version Kia Picanto 2015 equipment It is called Concept and includes such highlights steering wheel with vertical adjustment, trip computer, 6 airbags, control system tire pressure, stability control, Assist, hill start HAC, electric windows front and rear seats folding, system audio AUX + USB connection, air conditioning and height adjustment for the driver’s seat. The level of finish Drive added elements as alloy rims 14 inch, electrical and heated exterior mirrors, darkened side and rear glass, the slide tray under the front passenger seat, the control over speed limiter cruise (novelty in the range Picanto) and rear windows.

The most exclusive versions Trendy and Sporty (Only 5-door body and engine CVVT 1.2), add to the equipment Drive system daytime illumination light and rear LED technology, automatic sensor rainlamp and front fog lamps. Differences between Sport Trendy and variants lie in the specific choice of indoor and alternative body colors available. For its part, the special series release x-Tech It includes all elements of finishing Drive more automatic climate control, lights sensor, connection Bluetooth, multifunction steering wheel system ISG.

Prices Kia Picanto 2015

Picanto 1.0 CVVT Concept 3p: 11,495 €

Picanto 1.0 CVVT Concept 5p: 11,805 €

Picanto 1.0 CVVT x-Tech Eco-Dynamics 5p: 12,255 €

Picanto 1.0 CVVT Drive 5p: 12,405 €

Picanto 1.2 CVVT Sporty / Trendy 5p: 13,155 €

Picanto 1.2 CVVT Sporty / Trendy AUT 5p: 14,455 €

(*) The new Kia Picanto is available from 7,501 euros in the Concept and finished 3-door body with promotional discount, discount financing and PIVE Plan included.

Kia Picanto 1.0 CVVT 66 hp. Data sheet


Displacement: 998 cm3

No. Cylinders: 3 online

Power: 66 hp at 5,500 rpm

Maximum torque: 9.7 mkg at 3,500 rpm


Front-wheel drive

Change: 5-speed manual transmission

Performance and consumption

Maximum speed: 158 km / h

Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 14.6 seconds

Average consumption: 4.4 l / 100 km

CO2 emissions: 102 g / km