Renault Megane TCe 100: a cheaper test Mégane

Renault Megane TCe 100: a cheaper test Mégane

The economy commands, but not for the appearance or the behavior of its chassis, Renault Mégane deducirías this is the access, the cheapest of the range. We tested it.

Renault Megane TCE 100: try the cheaper range

Renault Megane TCE 100: try the cheaper range

Renault Megane TCE 100: try the cheaper range

Renault Megane TCE 100: try the cheaper range

The new generation of the Renault Mégane is showing great shape. We have already tried and faced a Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI diesel version 1.5 dCi, compared against all rivals and even have a unit 1.6 dCi 130 hp with which we are carrying out a long-term test to complete 50,000 km. But today we take another step. On this occasion, thoroughly tested engine 1.2 TCe petrol with Direct injection and turbo, allowing Renault to create a Mégane that costs a little less than 19,000 euros, regardless of promotional discounts, today, is more than 2,000 euros …. which leads you find a finished version Life Energy for just over 16,500 euros. Great price.

Renault Megane TCeWith all this, it is true and fair also recognize that Renault Megane TCe 100 this has more powerful rivals even less money, Like the Toyota Auris 120T, Press Nissan DIG-T 115 or Peugeot 308 1.2 110 PureTech; or others, being equally potent, also cost less, such as Mazda 3 1.5 SkyActiv-G, Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost, Hyundai i30 1.4 MPI 100 or Kia Ceed 1.4 VVT. But the novelty always weighed.

Renault Megane TCe: low consumption

In front of everyone, Renault Megane TCe 100 This provides a smooth engine and spends little, particularly in city, where we measured 6.9 l / 100 km on average. And roadside spends 5.7 l / 100 km. These two aspects make him a great city car, although it is true that he did not spare forces under -languages ​​regime under the 1700 rpm- and it shows something in the continuous demanding torn off the field. It is more a matter of engine with a spirit of Diesel -the maximum power at 4,500 rpm but, unlike those, which stretch her even more weight, as this Renault is considerably lighter: Opel Astra only what is more, and about 30 kilos, since this Mégane encrypted on our scale 1.294 kg. It is, we believe, the Opel Astra its main rival, yielding 1.0 Turbo engine 3 cylinders slightly higher. It even has the closest price of all its contenders in the event that compare the basic versions.

Rate your car for freeAnd road, East 1.2 TCe moves to Renault Megane but fluently, yes smugly. And, as we have said, with restrained consumption: not as low as the BMW 116i or a like Kia cee’d and the Opel Astra. Help Instead, six-speed, with one last lengthy relationship: 47.3 km / h per 1000 rpm, a record surpassed only 116i BMW. So it is not the agility that gives the engine what best reveals this version, but the chassis, to which nothing is warned its basic condition for their quality tread on asphalt.

Renault Megane TCe 100: Life on board

And entering assess their space, must recognize that Renault Megane TCe 100 this It does not offer the best habitability of the segment. In fact, competition is discreet compared with 71 cm rear space leg. His best value certainly is the front width: 143 cm. In its trunk, however, it can boast provide a capability that places him among the best Class: specifically, our Technical Center has cubed 410 liters load.

Interior Renault MeganeThe Mégane seats are comfortable TCe 100, but perhaps in his driving position considering that the brake lever is not electric- -here is too close to change. The implementation of this version is analog access. Mortise the computer screen on the speedometer, the needle is not the radius of the circle and is distinguished wrong with gradation km / h in the same color. Is used as the digital speedometer. It is also clear that the sophistication that reaches the Renault Mégane other trim levels not felt as much in this: the instrumentation, which is not configurable is simplified, and the same applies to the central screen.

In short, we tested TCe 100 a Renault Megane is a basic version, but it does not seem either by putting into action its chassis on asphalt, or his picture, and yes more for their equipment. However, it is clear that this smooth and refined engine 1.2 TCe does not react ebullient force throttle pressure: true, but not love. Thus viewed as a family car, will just walk. It is more likely to do so with low power consumption.

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