First test: Fiat 500 1.2

I spent like you, even though I looked, I did not know what had changed in the new Fiat 500, designed for the coming years. Now, I only get to see them if I look like profile … and that if it does not new tires.

Optional configurable TFT instrumentation Fiat 500

Optional configurable TFT instrumentation Fiat 500

Optional configurable TFT instrumentation Fiat 500

Optional configurable TFT instrumentation Fiat 500

From September will arrive in Spain a new generation of Fiat 500, which called new 500, successor to the re-inventor of the concept of small Fiat car at the same price. During the summer they will try to cope in the strongest markets, Italy, Germany and other Central European countries. It will in two variants, the standard 500 and 500 C, with retractable canvas roof that leaves even folded rear window. While arriving, we were able to get behind the wheel and, most importantly, what we had ahead to understand the changes that you have made.

Fiat 500He said the official information had 1,800 new components the new Fiat 500. Now they tell us are 1,900. Forty percent of the car. He could not imagine, before he had seen the images, how Fiat would dare to change a car that any change could ruin the success achieved. Seeing the pictures, I spent what surely has happened to you through your head: What is new the new Fiat 500?"

Look at the eyes of the Fiat 500

If you look in detail, you can see the Extreme care design of the main headlights, with an inscribed triangle on the ellipse. So in the headlights as standard, not optional xenon. Below, grow in size projectors sidelight, LED technology (daylight is halogen) crossing the periphery of the lighthouse. It is not a common element in the front, appear chrome, the lower grille design emulates a metallic deposition Mercedes … But the fact is that, no matter how you look, it seems the same 500 of before.

Since behind are the pilots that draw attention. O precisamante, otherwise, because as its designer, the award-winning Roberto Giolitto, it is merely a first step in a subtractive design that we will see more and more on zagas Fiat. Instead of adding a pilot, as in the primitive "Cinquino" 1957, it is left alone function. Because the central part of the pilot is flush with the bodywork and painted in the same color.

It could have been a little bigger, like the American variant, which must meet the safety requirements to shock the United States. He could have built an automatic change like that market. But no, nothing like that has happened. HE It maintains the same structure, the same frame Fiat 500 ever, with its base in the Fiat Panda, so we have not even yet received any request EuroNCAP people to bring the car to a new trial.

The reality is that the new installment of the Fiat 500 is summarized in customization (three packages of personalization) 13 colors Available (two new, burgundy and coral) six "second skin" (Decoration contrast of the upper half body), Ten possible combinations of interior color and upholstery and more than 100 accessories developed by Mopar, splitting the purpose of the group, before specializing exclusively in Chrysler-Jeep.


Fiat 500Mechanical repeated, upgrading to regulations, without substantial changes. In gasoline turns 85 horses for 0.9 Twinair two cylinders, while the most powerful version of this engine features 105hp. This engine will be the only range with six gears. There will be automatic (actually, a robotized Dualogic new generation), available with the variant 85 and also for the 1.2 Fire four-cylinder 69 horses. This may have as its more powerful siblings start-stop or even variant fueled by LPG / petrol, with the same values ​​of power and torque.

He Diesel come later, on a date without specifying a 1.3 16v Multijet II 95 HP, which may also specify a variant Echo, with lower consumption and CO2 emissions. This is achieved by aerodynamic measures, specific tires wheels (In rim 14 or 15 inches) and an alternator "intelligent". In the case of 1.2 will announce CO2 emissions of 99 g / km, while the 1.3 Multijet homologated emissions of 89 g / km.

pure urbanite

We were able to conduct basic version, 1.2 of 69 horses showing smoothness and quietness in bowling, but that of course does not seek to excel when leaving traffic lights. My companion found it difficult to start up with all the smoothness expected, if it came out with parsimony. However, all controls are easily handled, clutch or address change. It’s small on the outside but does not prevent avails tall people. Yes, well shaped, because then the wheel is something away, and forces arms stretched a line of Italian. They have remodeled headrests, less hard than before, while retaining its distinctive circular shape. Also they rear seats have reshaped and the most equipped version will be available a folding backrest 50/50.

500 will be offered in versions, Pop and Lounge. The latter is distinguished by the glass roof and 16-inch wheels, but especially the Central touch screen 5 inch Live, very fingertips. Our unit was the latter (available with two equipment packages, Style and Cult) with a optional instrumentation 7 inch TFT, integrated in place of the speedometer Round presiding as full of information the picture, so ornate and configurable according to the driving mode chosen (echo, normal or sport). We noticed that the zoom navigation shall be controlled from the screen and not turning a knob as they are used most and looked well despite shooting convertibles. The screen visibility is good despite much light. Instead, the humps top down rather decline rearward vision in the rearview mirror.


Fiat 500After aesthetics, Connectivity is another special chapter the new 500 have been attached to Uconnect consortium. The argument that Fiat offers us is that, according JDPowers is the best standard and being a global multinational, they did not want to neglect any system. "Not everyone has Apple in the pocket, there is a ten percent buyer carrying a Windows phone and in the future can not neglect or force anyone to change phone to take full advantage of the car", Says a senior systems man-machine interface. Infotainment system of Fiat support for all on a smartphone Apple or Android Bluetooth, although it can be integrated into the car’s own navigation Tom Tom Live, with live traffic information and interaction with other users time. With a free subscription system will be included for several years. supports music streaming from the phone, whatever with voice and SMS reader speech recognition. It may be incorporated into DAB digital radio option. The interesting thing comes from several Popular app that are replicated from the phone and allow you to interact with them directly on the screen Fiat 500, as Deezer Premium for music (by subscription) or Reuters For news, Facebook or Twitter for granted. In the future they expect the number of applications grow -"more than the Mirror Link"We comentan-, "but do not expect many applications, but those that are useful for use while driving", Points responsible. Among them is, of course, Fiat EcoDrive own live, the usual analyzes information in real-time way we drive and MyCar, which provides relevant information on the car, such as alerts or vehicle more detailed assessment mode use made of the car.

500×500 funding

FCA’s financial department has invented a way to make more attractive the new 500, with a formula in which delivers 500 used as input. After two years without fees, a final fee (financiable) is executed, the vehicle is returned or replaced by a new one. If an owner does not wish deliver 500 entry, the entry will be required will be half a buyer anyone. This and other aggressive campaign finance, insurance and maintenance will be specified when marketing begins in September.