Honda Civic Sedan 1.5 Turbo VTEC 182 Reviews and actual consumption

Honda Civic Sedan 1.5 Turbo VTEC: first impressionsHonda Civic Sedan 1.5 Turbo VTEC: first impressionsHonda Civic Sedan 1.5 Turbo VTEC: first impressionsHonda Civic Sedan 1.5 Turbo VTEC: first impressions

To attract customers traditionally opt for the sedan, and if necessary by the previous Accord, Honda already started marketing our market of a new Civic with sedan body, and a length (4.63 meters) And a battle (2.70 meters) characteristic of D segment of a compact. Thus, the new model is set up as a alternative to the current European saloons, betting on a high level of equipment and access from the finish.

The first version we tested the new Honda Civic Sedan is the highest of the range. equip a 1,498 cc turbocharged engine, developing a power 182 CV and benefits from the experience of the Japanese manufacturer in VTEC variable valve timing technology. Its operation is flawless, with refinement and outstanding thrust any regime, especially in the high speed zone, at which sound and good aptitude encouraged to "stretch" decisively.

Honda Civic SedanHe Shifting gears associated with this 1.5 Turbo VTEC, 6-speed manual, It is complemented perfectly with the gasoline engine, with a speed and accuracy at the level expected in a good Japanese ... and even a step above its rivals.

Running with the Honda Civic Sedan

Dynamically, the new Honda Civic Sedan does not support reproach, rounding off the set with good fit suspension that while it is true that Piloted not allow this damping body, so it does not feel necessary at any time. The balance achieved adapts to the demands of any type of driver and address, very direct, transmitted at all times what happens between tire and pavement.

Honda Civic Sedan TurboInside, compared with the 5-door version, it grows a few centimeters in the legroom for rear occupants. It is also superior capacity trunk, that a generous figure cubes 525 liters of capacity, While it is true that dispenses with the spare tire. Overall, therefore, the new Honda Civic Sedan is a very spacious and functional model.

Honda Civic Sedan 1.5 Turbo VTEC: actual consumption

Turning now to value first tests of actual consumption, anticipate that, normally, the turbocharged versions tend to present a real very sensitive to the type of consumer use. But this time, Honda It surprises us with a propeller able to consume as well as many smaller displacement engines and power.

In our usual path highway, This Honda Civic Sedan 1.5 Turbo VTEC has settled 5,4 l / 100 km actual spending, Meanwhile in urban use the figure rises to 7.5 l / 100 km consumption. Both values ​​are reduced and even making a lively and sporty driving, we have not observed that consumption is triggered as in many of its rivals. In short, very good initial feelings with this new model.

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