Ford Fusion 2017: American Mondeo, all-wheel drive and V6 biturbo engine

Range 2017 Ford Fusion (Mondeo) Sport version will incorporate sport and two hybrid variants, one plug, that eventually could reach Europe.

Ford Fusion, American Mondeo will be sportier and less emissions

Ford Fusion, American Mondeo will be sportier and less emissions

Ford Fusion, American Mondeo will be sportier and less emissions

Ford Fusion, American Mondeo will be sportier and less emissions

Ford Mondeo being a global car, every novelty introduced to the American market must obserbarse carefully in our country. Not surprisingly large sedan Ford It is assembled in the plant Almussafes (Valencia) and it can affect each of the decisions taken by the consortium. Therefore, the appearance of 2017 model year Ford Fusion -the name of the American version of the Mondeo- and new versions is important.

The first of these is the Sport version of the Ford Fusion, a sports performance variant Altras and four-wheel drive able to make the most of the fantastic frame of the American model Mondeo. Its engine, as befits the American market is a V6 gasoline engine with 2.7 liter displacement and 325 twin-turbo announcing hp maximum power and maximum torque of 48.4 mkg or what is the same, excels in almost 50 bhp and 14 mkg Japanese rivals 3.5 V6 engine with which it is measured. Its power reaches all four wheels through a four-wheel drive of latest development and sits on a Piloted continuously variable damping able to move from one firm to soft one that can minimize the impact against small sinkholes caused by rain moron.

Ford Fusion hybrids

Radically different in their approach are the Ford Fusion Hybrid and plug-in hybrid Fusion Energi (With an i) in two versions that improve performance and could reach its electric motor driven 137 km / h. Both premiere software that makes them win refined running, maximizing driving sensations that can offer and improving the recharge rate of regenerative braking, capable now capture 95% of the energy dissipated.

Fusion Ford Mondeo 2017In addition, electric motors have improved their efficiency, which will result in the improvement in combined fuel economy and in the case of the plug, an increase of autonomy in electric mode, which in this case now exceeds 30 km before switching to conventional hybrid mode but not it would be enough to reach the blue label zero-emission car Spain-. Although, who knows if in a future evolution 7.6 kWh battery It can be replaced with a higher performance. Currently, this can be recharged only 2.5 hours in a conventional plug

Equipping Ford Fusion 2017

The security and what it has to do with the equipment It is, along with driving, another pillar of Ford Fusion. Thus, it maintains the pedestrian detection system and incorporates a new lane keeping system that comes to join the traffic alert systems approaching the rear of the vehicle.

Integration with the universe multimedia It is given by SYNC3 system, the latest version of an interface that has improved its connectivity, connection speed and improved voice recnoocimeinto. In addition, from now it will allow through the application Connect Sync start the car from the mobile remotely, set next starts and stops and plug-in versions program the most favorable time for recharging.