Lamborghini SUV Another new addition to the Urus?

The latest news on the Lamborghini Huracan seem to open the door to a new SUV of the Italian firm after learning the first details of its next Safari version.

Lamborghini Urus could reach a compact SUV brother?

Lamborghini Urus could reach a compact SUV brother?

Lamborghini Urus could reach a compact SUV brother?

Lamborghini Urus could reach a compact SUV brother?

A few days ago we met the next plans Lamborghini regarding their supercars. He Lamborghini Aventador You will receive a successor to par with model that could reach 1,000 hp and the Lamborghini Huracan it will be renewed up seven new versions of which undoubtedly attracted the most attention is the so-called Safari. Are we facing a new Lamborghini SUV or before a supercar allroad?

Lamborghini Huracán Safari, the eccentric version

Among the versions of Automobile Magazine which echoed a few days ago we found a surprise: Lamborghini Huracan Safari, one that promises finishes with version protectors for the low, wheel larger adjustable suspension and four wheel drive.

This curious version of the Lamborghini Huracan seems set eyes on the Arab market, eccentric enough to make someone a supercar that also relinquish some of its road performance with the sole purpose of provide off-road performance guarantees.

Lamborghini Urus

The first impression is that the Lamborghini Huracan Safari could be something like a brand allroad for the bull. Yes it is true that We have seen this in some saloons (Without leaving the Volkswagen Group found the Audi A4 Y A6 allroad) With certain off-road capabilities in simple terrain, but we can not imagine how it could fit into a supercar of Lamborghini Huracan size.

And if we are facing a new Lamborghini SUV?

Lamborghini landing in the SUV range has been a bomb for both competition and for the firm itself. This successful fashion has also reached the high-end vehicles and luxury. So much so that according to the accounts of the Lamborghini in September 2016, Lamborghini Urus next sell about 3,500 units in one year, the same as the sum total of their supercars today. There is no news that these figures have worsened.

The best example of successful luxury SUV is found within the Volkswagen Group itself, which belongs Lamborghini. He Porsche Cayenne saved 15 years ago to the German mark, building the first luxury SUV, which it helped to boost sales of a company that then was convalescing.

Therefore, from Porsche they did not hesitate when they released a new SUV, this time compact, under the name Porsche Macan, a success of sales has also served as a model for access signature and allowing Porsche to compete with companies which, while high-end as BMW or Mercedes, the public places a notch below those of Stuttgart .

Porsche Macan

Therefore, It is not ruled out that this future Lamborghini Huracan Safari was simply a compact SUV Italian, with which to increase its market presence and a more logical than a supercar allroad model. Also belong to the same group as Porsche, a leader in the luxury SUV, may grant decisive experience when introduced into the compact SUV market, with whom also they can share technologies that save costs and to market an already tested product.

In fact, the Lamborghini Urus and borrows some of the technologies of Volkswagen Group. Its platform is the MLB EVO, which he has also served to launch its next Bentley Bentayga, the first SUV of the firm. In addition, some engineers have stressed that bull there will be a plug-Tron and hybrid version that would take as its starting point the future Audi Q8.

Zarooq Sand Racer, a similar concept

It has not been easy to find cases where a supercar has the versatility enough to be driven off-road with Garanaunts and, what is more, with the aim of providing the sensations of a Lamborghini.

In this search we recalled the case of Zarooq Sand Racer spectacular SUV come directly from Arab Emirates which promises thrills off-road, thanks to its Developed by a 525 hp 6.2L V8 from General Motors origin. To this we must add that this sporty off-road weighs just 1,300 kg.

Zarooq Sand Racer

The figures promise to be spectacular, but certainly more interesting is that it will have a four-wheel drive designed directly by Lamborghini. Have they been designing new systems Italians face a possible sport that gives his best off-road? Remember that the most striking facts of the future Lamborghini Huracan Safari was the possibility of riding a four-wheel drive where all of them were directional.

¿Sales Success or almost testimonial version?

A lack of new details and confirmations, it seems that the Lamborghini Huracan Safari is torn between two possible markets. We have no doubt that in case of being in a compact SUV signature, this curious version of the supercar will be a new bestseller Lamborghini.

However, if the Italians opt for a more eccentric version focused on a renewal of the smallest of its range by a finish designed to leave road, sales will be much more modest and perhaps this Lamborghini Huracan Safari is left as an eccentric and almost symbolic version that is part of some of the rarities that occasionally decide to market the Sant'Agata bolognesse.

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