Thus it can be the new pick-up of BMW: the Mercedes Class to X!

New BMW pick-up in 2018? first recreationsNew BMW pick-up in 2018? first recreationsNew BMW pick-up in 2018? first recreationsNew BMW pick-up in 2018? first recreations

A mark luxury cars or premium making a pick-up? A few years ago, this hypothesis seemed improbable, impossible. However, over recent years the automotive industry has attended real surprises, as the First Diesel and the first Porsche SUV (he Cayenne), he Ferrari's first SUV to be launched soon or, more recently, marketing Mercedes Class X, he First pick-up signature of the star, a vehicle which in turn shares many technical and structural elements with the Nissan Navara Y Renault Alaskan.

He next "sacrilege" in the motor industry could be a BMW hypothetical type pick-up. historical enemy Mercedes Benz, it would not be unreasonable to think of this probability, all despite the sports philosophy that has always distinguished both brand Bavaria as their staunchest fans.

The sales market and dictate sentence and there many countries in the world in which type vehicles pick-up have enough commercial pull, as it happens in U.S, where the best selling vehicle in recent years has been the Ford F-150, a car pick-up type. Interestingly North America, Central America, South America and across the globe, Australia and some Asian countries could be potential buyers of this "wild" BMW pick-up.

BMW pick-upAnd how could be the BMW design of this new pick-up? As first examples, illustrations and collect recreations made by the Taekang designer Lee, in which it appears powerful and dark, almost giving fear ... A BMW spectacular pick-up.

BMW pick-up: never say never never ...

In the middle of last year, some media collected specially statements made by the General Director of BMW in Australia, Marc Werner. This executive said "never say never...", about the possibility of entering the segment of BMW in the pick-up.

In the technical section, there is no confirmed information about BMW pick-up, which could be ready in 2018 according to the latest rumor mill source poured on the Internet. On the Net, also run several hypotheses about what kind of technical platform could use this future and probable BMW pick-up. Some of them indicate that, as a result of new synergies between BMW and Toyota -both companies have been and are working together on the development of two sports (the new Z4/ Z5 BMW and next-generation Toyota Supra), Besides using common diesel small engines) -, the new pick-up of BMW You could use the platform of the latest generations of Toyota Hilux, a model with a certain weight and a certain reputation in this special segment.

At the moment and in the absence of much information about new pick-up of BMW, We invite you to enjoy the PHOTO GALLERY that we have prepared.