Brand new Skoda year-end 2018: Karoq, Fabia, Kodiaq RS …

It is one of the marks on the increase and will continue to accelerate in coming months. Skoda prepares major launches over the next two years. Karoq, Fabia, Crossover ... So grow its range.

Skoda: all their upcoming releases in photos

Skoda: all their upcoming releases in photos

Skoda: all their upcoming releases in photos

Skoda: all their upcoming releases in photos

supported with new product and for a important quality leap benefited from his membership of the Volkswagen group, Skoda better every year its image in the market and, of course, sales. His last major release was the Kodiaq an impressive SUV and very competitive price today is a great example of the potential of the brand.

Thus following his example, Skoda prepares major launches this fall. In fact, we can begin to know a model that should be key in the future: New Skoda Karoq. Developed with the Ateca same platform Seat, It will be surely an important car range. Behind the, the new Fabia and an unedited version of Kodiaq complete a 2018 which will be the gateway to a 2019 where the brand should complete its complete renovation range. You have.

Skoda Karoq. November 2017

Skoda KaroqSkoda has a new SUV in the range, officially from November... although support orders. The new model Start will coexist with the current Yeti (Which will still occur for some time later, removed from the catalog) and the great Kodiaq. The new Skoda Karoq It will be below the latter, with dimensions of 4.38 meters long. Thus separating him just 2 centimeters of Ateca Seat, Volkswagen Group SUV MQB platform with having more genes in common. In we could try and this new SUV that will highlight its space, versatility and quality, and you can read all of our impressions on the link that we offer below.

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Skoda Fabia. June 2018

Skoda FabiaOne of the most anticipated releases in the coming months Skoda is the new Fabia. Yes, despite the launch of the new Ibiza and Polo, the utility Skoda not release the MQB platform A0 of the latest models of the Volkswagen Group in the same segment. However, the Fabia 2018 receives an update mainly focused on the aesthetic level, in equipment and technology, and both its five-door body and the Combi family. For now, you can ver most exclusive new Fabia information on the link, and the first recreations of what will be in the gallery.

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Kodiaq Skoda RS. November 2018

Skoda RS KodiaqAnd attention to the premiere we'll see and in the autumn of next year, because it is the first SUV to feature sports acronym RS Skoda. Yes, we talk about the Kodiaq, a great success for the brand, capable of having three very broad rows of seats, with versatility and quality very good accomplishment. This new version will feature offer a more aggressive image and a more dynamic set point in your frame.

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Skoda Crossover. 2019

Skoda CrossoverWe close this calendar news with foretaste of what Skoda already present in 2019. Yes, because although this year will also see Superb renovations and Spaceback (Eye to the latter because it will be important), we have all information about a new SUV will launch the brand to complement the Karoq and Kodiaq. We speak here of a model that, on the same Seat base Arona, will attack a segment currently dominated by Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008. Born yes so this and the MQB platform A0 the VW group, and about 4.20 meters long, so far we know under the name Crossover. If you want to know all the details of how it will be, I have in the link below.

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