The best compact cars that arrive until 2019

The best compact cars that arrive until 2019

Objective: selling. New machinery segment compact cars is activated in the coming months: new VW Golf, Audi A3, Hyundai i30, Mercedes Class A …

The best compact cars coming to market

The best compact cars coming to market

The best compact cars coming to market

The best compact cars coming to market

The compact cars have formed, Historically, Market premier class. The Volkswagen Golf, Renault Megane, C4 Citroën… they have always been the models that have led all sales charts. Today largely overshadowed by the SUV, which appear every month and as the vehicles most sought after by customers all brands are struggling today to renew their products and continue to grow. These They are the best compact to arrive to the market until 2019.

Rate your car for freeVolkswagen Golf VIII: mid-2018

He Volkswagen Golf remains the best-selling model today throughout Europe. Like his brother, the Audi A3, the new Golf (always one of the most anticipated cars of the year) will have a evolution in two phases: first, in this 2016, a slight renewal; and then, in 2018, a future generation, in this case the eighth. Here we stop, because it will be showing greater evolution. Mechanically, 1.4 TSI versions will give way to the new family of turbocharged petrol engines with 1.5 liter capacity, the efficiency will not only depend system cylinder shutdown. The new bases were settled for in the efficiency, lightness and safety equipment. There will be a makeover too groundbreaking, but a greater differentiation between the five-door body, which will no longer have such a small boot volume, and the rest of the range, such as family or Variant station wagon Sportsvan. There will also be new modular engine family 1.5 TDI three-cylinder with power levels between 75-120 CV. The GTD, GTi and an already rooted GTE continue making history in the Golf, while the electric range is already talk of a 50 percent additional autonomy from today.

All about the future VW Golf VIII

Hyundai i30: Spring 2017

The third-generation Hyundai i30 will highlight being the first to have a version N, which is like begin to call the brand to sports variants. his engine will be the 1.6 TDGi and, almost certainly, its maximum power will be above 200 hp. At present the same engine yields 186 hp in the Turbo version of i30 and also used in the Veloster. Outwardly the front It will closely resemble the current i40. On the side we must mention the darkened trim connecting the gate with glass rear door, the style of the current i20.

This is the current Hyundai i30

Hyundai i30Volvo V40: end 2018

Volvo works at peak performance. With the newly updated high-end saloon format (S90) and SUV (XC90), It is now up to the other extreme. The next step is staging a V40 new generation of compact and unpublished derivatives XC40 and C40. To do this, Volvo has developed a modular platform to accommodate all these different variants … and more. They say the mark with CMA new platform will reduce development time to 20 months, when the current V40 needed 42 in 2012. The new platform shared with the top SPA S90 and XC90 of much of its cutting-edge technology. This means that the future will have its relevant version V40 Twin Engine, which it is called Volvo as its new hybrids.

Everything about future family Volvo 40

BMW 1 SeriesBMW 1 Series: 2017-2018

He Future BMW 1 Series will resemble structurally and his cousin dimensions Mini. It will change a lot. BMW want to leave gaps in future models-and now that Mini has entered in the compact segment with the new Clubman- and will do just the opposite with its 1 Series 3 and 5 doors. It will be somewhat smaller, not so much as an Audi A1 (less than 4 meters), but very close to the 4.25 meters long the new Mini. Therefore, the Series 2 will from now on a long journey and many surprises up his sleeve … and under the skin. Because it will be the 1 Series model to yield to the practical rigors of technicians. The front-drive platform Mini will therefore base supporting the new baby of the brand with a size / habitability better than the current relationship. Farewell to propulsion, but without loss of good feelings. The shorter length does not mean less battle in the future 1 Series, which will carry a more advanced command post. Engines 3 and 4 cylinder gasoline and diesel, with block 1.5 liters different power levels for the initial versions, and 2.0 liters top end, will form the conventional offer. And there will be variant high performance MPerformance. It will continue to have all-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission.

All about the future BMW 1 Series

Mercedes Class A: 2018

The next generation of compact Mercedes (W117 in internal code) will revolve around the premiere of a new modular platform, which will further exploit the flexibility to which the segment is provided. And, with it, becoming much more technology and much less weight to the new Class A. The industrial and technological revolution will be, because the designs will color only, in view of the current success. Among the many bodies that mark the star offered in this category, You will not miss a daring Shooting Brake, because we know that Mercedes designers bet for a new even more exclusive variant, only two side doors. Among the variants derived from Class A, CLA, for example, evolve line conventional hatchback with three volumes currently presenting to a coupé-style silhouette over four doors. Moreover, the development team of the brand is considering all technical requirements will require a Unpublished Class Cabrio. Men AMG develop their own sports from the future Class A, which will be a direct rival to the Audi TT. Not forgetting that the same genetic be shared equally by the future Class B within compact minivans and even a new variant SUV GLB.

All about the future Class A

Audi A3Audi A3: 2018

Recently renovated, the future Audi A3 will come in 2018. more efficient, spacious, equipped and better connected will be. This fourth generation, completely new, show you how not distinguishing features of future Audi, but more interesting will go inside. It will be removed again weight above (up to 50 kilos), even in their new versions with 3-cylinder gasoline which, by 2020, they will have a secondary power supply 48V and a small electric motor with which to achieve a “soft annealing”. Nothing to do with pure electric e-tron. All engines are Ultra, which implies urea additive in diesel, gasoline retained while the cylinder deactivation becoming the Miller cycle new 2.0 released in the Audi A4. The German group is also working on improving its transmissions dual function -always inertia clutch and a new more efficient and advanced all-wheel drive. As well will come gestural control or Internet hyperconnection with information exchange to the outside. Advances in semi-autonomous driving reach the A3 with an assistant driving to jam with extended speed up to 60 km / h.

All about the future Audi A3

Renault Megane Sport Tourer: September 2016

The same month in which it sells the new Renault Scénic minivan will arrive Renault Megane Sport Tourer. And claims to be the model wider trunk category. It will also be very adaptable and intuitive seating configuration. Also equip aluminum roof bars. Aesthetically, the Renault Mégane Sport Tourer shares most of the Renault Mégane GT elements with 5-door body, it ie specific honeycomb grille with enlarged air intakes, specific bumpers, chrome frame windows, metal trim to shape the rear diffuser … A Family attractive, capable and most sports. Promises.

All about the future Renault Mégane Sport Tourer

Renault Megane Sport TourerFiat Tipo SW: September 2016

As the Renault Mégane family, Fiat presents its variant SW New Type also in September. Compared to their brethren in range, It is 20 centimeters longer than the 5-door model and 4cm the Fiat sedan, reaching a length of 4.57 meters total. Yes, they all share the same wheelbase -of 2,64 meters- so that its larger size responds primarily to increased rear overhang. Inside there are no differences in design as the dashboard in front of the five-door, although compared to the sedan and incorporating a new color touch screen 7 inches that is handled as a tablet and which is accessed Uconnect multimedia system HD Live. Declares a load capacity of 550 liters and the truth is that at first glance gives the impression of being able to accommodate a lot of luggage. Such capacity places him among the best in the category, because only the Honda Civic Tourer, Volkswagen Golf Variant and SEAT Leon ST declare more liters, with the Peugeot 308 SW at the same level Italian model.

All about the future Fiat Tipo SW

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