Opel Crossland X vs Renault Captur: the new SUV duel

Opel Crossland X vs Renault Captur: the new SUV duel

Utilitarian SUVs have taken the city and do not stop growing. The Renault Captur, leader and now renovated, you must already facing the newcomer Opel Crossland X. But which is better?

SUV duel next: Opel Crossland X vs Renault Captur

SUV duel next: Opel Crossland X vs Renault Captur

SUV duel next: Opel Crossland X vs Renault Captur

SUV duel next: Opel Crossland X vs Renault Captur

He SUV segment utility, or small crossover is one that fastest growing sales being recorded, and manufacturers and lovingly care for their offer by proposing new automobiles increasingly elaborate. The Renualt Captur, which once occupied the space left by the small minivan Modus, already anticipated the trend that has now followed the new Opel Crossland X, which reinterprets his way also another missing minivan, the Meriva, adopting the format fashion Elevated body and country look. The success they had in the past minivans now live it and crossover SUVs, respecting, as far as possible, its characteristics of modularity to achieve great interior versatility.

Opel Crossland X vs Renault Captur: Extra practicality

Despite a content size adapted to get a good urban agility, nor the Opel Crossland X neither him Renault Captur renounce elements such as sliding back row longitudinally to configure the cabin depending on the needs, dividing space between trunk and rear seats according to the priorities of the moment. During the last Geneva Motor Show in March, we get on both Models exposed closely to see every detail, feel its qualities, adjustments, sense of space, multimedia systems …

Renault CapturThe new Renault Captur, which stops not offer a restyling of until today sales leader and launches a frontal reminiscent superior Kadjar now, was exposed in a Initiale Paris version top whose finishes are inspired by the French luxury, rich in design and materials. Its attractive leather upholstery, nappa type, is very soft to the touch and the soft seats very successful. This top quality skin is also covering the steering wheel, which is very nice.

The details of this special version of the Renault Captur continue with specific skin sconces inside of the doors and the dashboard as much chrome and aluminum pedals and metallic trim on the door sills. Moreover, this inviting Initiale Paris version incorporates other elements Captur adopts the new range, some already seen in the last Renault Clio. The buttons next to the touch screen in the center console change shape, like some menus, plus Bose audio system and connectivity enhancements with Android Auto is available.

The new Renault Captur will also offer not practicable panoramic glass roof, which adds to the many customization options model. This small SUV measures 4.12 meters long (It is therefore somewhat smaller than the Opel Crossland X) and offers trunk with a capacity ranging from 377 to 455 liters maximum.

Opel Crossland XOpel Crossland X vs Renault Captur: many attendees

A security level, stands in the new Renault Captur blind spot monitoring, and we might add in this section daytime running lights, both front and rear, equipped with LED technology and a very modern look. In turn, the headlights can be full LED element also present in rival Opel Crossland X, where they are also directional.

With some dimensions similar to Mokka X (4.27 meters), the new Opel Crossland X (4.21 meters) extends the offer in this segment providing a body of inspiration SUV and a passenger compartment vocation also monovolumen. We know it will be cheaper than his brother Opel Mokka X (soon give final prices), lower and front-wheel drive only, with no possibility of integral. Its interior reminiscent of the new Opel Astra, as well as its generous touchscreen up to 8 inches and designing the menus.

Crossland X boarded the Opel and feel a comfortable seat with a certain firmness and complete settings, including extensible bench, so it fits all Size with ease, offering ergonomic AGR certification. The driving position is high and the passenger compartment, spacious. It offers a projection screen (HUD) concealable, OnStar technology support services, as well as steering wheel, seats and heated windshield.

Opel Crossland X vs Renault CapturHe Opel Crossland X also transmits very good sense of spaciousness, accentuated by the panoramic roof, and although the finishes are not as luxurious as the Captur Initiale Paris, are very modern, with striking yellow stitching on the steering wheel exposed in Geneva version. Its trunk is larger than the Renault Captur, announcing a capacity ranging from 410 to 520 liters, depending on where Situes sliding the back row.

Opel Crossland X vs Renault Captur: engines

We ended by mechanical range, where both X and Opel Crossland Renault Captur They offer very similar proposals. the Captur Diesel will start in with known engine and solvent 1.5 dCi 90 hp, to be followed by a higher version 110 hp. While in gasoline he 0.9 TCE 90 hp will open the price range and above, close Offer 1.2 TCE 120 hp.

Instead of four, five will be the mechanical alternatives that Opel Crossland X placed on top of the asphalt. In Diesel, a 1.6 CDTI 99 CV will coexist with the top 1.6 CDTI 120. For its part, gasoline there will be a 1.2 atmospheric of 82 CV, opening a range that will also feature 1.2T version of 110 and 131 hp power. Very soon we will compare to decide, with our data in hand, which one is better.

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