Opel Mokka X 2016, prices in Spain from 17,753 euros

The new Opel Mokka X 2016 is now available in the Spanish market from 17,753 euros with several engines with power levels between 110 and 152 hp.

Opel Mokka X 2016 for sale in Spain

Opel Mokka X 2016 for sale in Spain

Opel Mokka X 2016 for sale in Spain

Opel Mokka X 2016 for sale in Spain

The Opel Mokka X 2016 started marketing in Spain after its presentation officially during the Geneva Motor Show this year.

This robust interpretation of the Opel Mokka comes with an aesthetic with a style more 'off-road'With plastic guards on the lower parts of car and wheel arches.

The starting price of the Opel Mokka X 2016 It is 17,753 euros, if we choose the less powerful engine with 'Selective' finish, including the standard 17-inch wheels, air conditioning and automatic light control.

Among its extras, we found the system adaptive lighting AFL (1,250 euros), with headlamps that use LED technology and adapt the light beam to road conditions, avoiding glare without prejudice to the visibility offered to the driver. You can also choose the system Opel OnStar, multi-service manufacturer's support and mobility, thanks to its connection WiFi 4G.

The sport seats AGR certification can also be purchased for 1,200 euros more to choose from several colors of your leather high quality.

Other devices Driving aid They are present in the range of Opel Mokka X, as the traffic signal detector, Forward Collision Alert or the new security camera called Opel Eye.

Opel Mokka engines X 2016

Mechanical available for this car are the same as the rest of the Mokka range, with an engine Diesel 1.6 CDTI at power levels of 110 and 136 hp and propellant 1.4 Turbo petrol, to choose between 140 and 152 hp. The first of these petrol engines 1.4 also supports its bi-fuel version, petrol and GLP (Petroleum liquid gas). For its part, the more powerful 1.4 Turbo 152 hp is coupled under compulsion to automatic six-speed gearbox and the AWD adaptive Opel.

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