A Skoda RS Kodiaq? The new sports SUV, 2018

According to recent reports, the Kodiaq Skoda RS, the most powerful and sporty version of the SUV, could be realized in 2018. Every detail below.

Kodiaq Skoda RS could be realized in 2018

Kodiaq Skoda RS could be realized in 2018

Kodiaq Skoda RS could be realized in 2018

Kodiaq Skoda RS could be realized in 2018

The fever temperature SUV continues to grow ... and it seems that there is no remedy for her down. The reality of sales data shows that new vehicles SUV segment It is (and will) and fashion various automakers They strive to develop more and more models of this type. The next thing could come in 2018 It would be the New Skoda RS Kodiaq, ie a Kodiaq with the hallmark Family Skoda sports car.

He Skoda RS Kodiaq provide more salt and pepper the increasingly large segment SUV. At the moment, we will advance the design This new sporty SUV will own aesthetic elements of such variants -parrilla specific front, side skirts, alloy wheels new bill and some extra airfoil shaped rear spoiler or air diffuser subsequently, along with a number of characteristics that benefit dynamic agility, so expect more to change the setting suspensions and of the address.

And the Skoda RS engine Kodiaq? According to recent reports, more than likely you can mount the same and drives the Skoda Octavia 245, this is a Petrol 2.0 TSI 245 hp. Other previous weeks rumors pointed to the RS version also could be associated with a mechanical Diesel -just as in the Octavia RS TDI 184 hp, which in the case of Kodiaq should be combined to a much more energetic propellant, for example, 2.0 TDI biturbo 240 hp engine and incorporates the range of VW Tiguan.

Skoda RS KodiaqTo be realized this more than attractive Skoda RS Kodiaq, the bet SUV Czech firm promises great emotions, with the newly released Skoda Karoq (Practically a "clone" of the Ateca Seat) And a 2019 new SUV smaller than the Kodiaq and Karoq.

Before the arrival of Skoda RS Kodiaq, in China and prepare to welcome the Kodiaq Coupé, a version that, so far, has not confirmed his arrival for the European market.


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