Mercedes GLA: new generation of compact SUV in 2019

Mercedes GLA: the new SUV, reality in 2019Mercedes GLA: the new SUV, reality in 2019Mercedes GLA: the new SUV, reality in 2019Mercedes GLA: the new SUV, reality in 2019

Mercedes Benz preparing a big offensive new automobiles and SUVs for the coming years. In this strategy, it is crucial current platform MFA front-wheel drive car (which leave the Class A, Class B and GLA) and the new evolution of it, the new MFA2, we already know from the first prototype, the Concept Sedan, which will lead to future Class A, Class B, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake and the GLA SUV, the protagonist of this article.

The release of these models, including the SUV Mercedes GLA, It will occur in all probability late 2018, starting its commercialization, according to the countries where they go to sell, to early 2019. Having regard to the evolution of this model registrations and according to sales data from January to June 2017 (in Spain, the GLA is the third best-selling Mercedes car behind A class and C) Class, it seems clear that those most responsible for the signing of Stuttgart mimarán full development and tuning of a key model such as GLA.

Last updated Mercedes GLA It has occurred precisely at the beginning of this year, when this compact SUV debuted its current "resytling" (See Mercedes GLA at the Detroit Motor Show 2017). The new generation is already developing -in Germany, and circulate spy photos This model getting to point-, leave as I have said before the MFA2 platform, the starting point being the prototype Concept Sedan presented at the last edition of Shanghai. Everything indicates that the various cars that arise from this construction method not only share the most technical elements to chassis level and at the level of engines, but also there will be many design features both outside and inside to recur models to be manufactured based on this platform.

2019 Mercedes GLA SUV2019 Mercedes GLA: design "family"...

In this way, you have to think of a 2019 Mercedes GLA stylized lines and certain aesthetic and similarities in advance Concept Sedan. As you can see in the recreation of our illustrator Schulte, not only change the look of the headlights and front grille, but also several of the "nerves" and folds of the body. Regarding exterior dimensions, no major changes in this regard and the new generation are expected this SUV will continue to measure around 4.40 m long.

He Inside the Mercedes GLA 2019 It will be another element in which we will notice more significant changes. He digital environment It will be further boosted with a large multifunction touch screen in the center position of the dashboard and visible information whose functions will share center stage with the large display (as well digital) To be located behind the wheel. A level of technology and equipment, the chapter on safety and driving assistants include multiple systems and devices such as the automatic emergency braking system driver fatigue detection, intelligent cruise control and a list of "life guard" included in the Intelligent Drive Technology Mercedes.

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