Citroën e-Mehari 2016, the new electric SUV with spirit Mehari

The Citroën e-Mehari will from next spring the new electric car brand gala. A clear nod to the legendary Citroen Mehari twentieth century.

E-Mehari Citroen, Mehari spirit in an electric SUV

E-Mehari Citroen, Mehari spirit in an electric SUV

E-Mehari Citroen, Mehari spirit in an electric SUV

E-Mehari Citroen, Mehari spirit in an electric SUV

Citroën surprised everyone a few years ago with the revolutionary C4 Cactus, a vehicle that rescued a spirit that reminded us, adapted to the demands of the XXI century, the mythical 2CV. Then the French brand was even more surprised with the prototype Citroen Cactus M Concept, in which we were already certain nods to another French myth, Mehari.

Now, the new Citroen e-Mehari again break the mold, but it overlooking the market very soon. It’s about a small SUV electric roadster: measure 3.81 meters long (Less than 3.94 C3), 1.87 meters wide and 1.65 meters high, with a manually operated sunroof which can cover the entire passenger compartment or the rear seats. his generous ground clearance will allow, according to Citroen, through the most difficult terrain.

Aesthetically, the Citroën e-Mehari will remind the C4 Cactus, especially in the front. Many of its solutions rescue the endearing simplicity and spirit of Mehari, as plastic body, the roll-over bars, the shape of the doors or and folding rear bench displaceable, which leaves room for luggage compartment ranges from 200 to 800 liters.

The Citroën e-Mehari, that PSA will produce in France, also born from the collaboration with the Bolloré Group, an industrial holding and French investment which has in its range with the Blue Car, a small electric car initially offered as part of program car sharing in Paris.

Citroen e-Mehari

On the beach, no emissions

The mechanics e-Citroen Mehari, like the Blue Car, is hundred percent electric: Engine uses just 50 kW (68 HP) and a game of lithium polymer batteries 30 kWh capacity. Among his aspirations, as you can imagine, is not to be the fastest, but as efficient as possible: therefore a top speed of 110 km / h, promises autonomy in the urban cycle 200 km and the 110km extra-urban cycle. In a household outlet 10A is fully recharged in 13 hours and a 16A in 8 hours.

The personalization will play a key role in reaching customers with a variety of colors for bodywork, ceiling and interior. Here, we find a really striking interior, with the waterproof upholstery and drain holes if you want to wash it with a hose.

He Citroen e-Mehari will begin its revolution in France in the 2s016 next spring, to happen later, most likely, the rest of Europe. Is your purpose? No doubt a car will be very present for shorebirds shores and in the ranges of rental companies. The price, at the moment, I do not know, but surely will be more affordable than many of the power we know today.

Citroen e-Mehari

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