New Kia Sportage Coupé and its future rivals SUV

New Kia Sportage Coupé and its future rivals SUV

Kia is launched and after a hectic 2017, continue adding new features: as an SUV coupe would compete in a segment that waits for VW Tiguan Coupe, Skoda Kodiaq Coupe … and many more.

Kia Sportage Coupé: so could be the new SUV ... and its rivals

Kia Sportage Coupé: so could be the new SUV ... and its rivals

Kia Sportage Coupé: so could be the new SUV ... and its rivals

Kia Sportage Coupé: so could be the new SUV ... and its rivals

Kia is in good shape and growing a lot … but not enough for the booming Korean brand. Its leaders want more, much more, and so set up some months ago and one roadmap full of great new features product. The goal is to get closer now in Europe to 600,000 units sold per year, and they know that the moment is impossible without further expand range to enter, stronger than ever, in major market segments. In 2017, in fact, it is estimated that close to 470,000 cars registered.

The Kia plans to achieve this ambitious goal They go, first, to settle tightly between compact: hence and announce a new Cee’d 2018, which we will see in advance Frankfurt Motor Show even with unprecedented variant shooting brake body which could reach the market. And second, obviously they spend to continue strong in the SUV segment fastest growing.

Thus, after the Sportage success, will join one New Sorento 2018 larger, small Stonic arriving soon market … and, more than likely, a new SUV and sports car that christened as Sportage Coupé. For now this new concept is being studied, but to evolve as the market is evolving is more than likely to be officially confirmed soon.

Kia Sportage Coupethis future Kia Sportage Coupe (Which could also adopt a very name you stay away from the family compact SUV brand), would have a very stimulating aesthetic, have a body more coupe than the current Sportage and be positioned in the range somewhat below him, being slightly cortito and much sportier in their set-up and design.

If confirmed, therefore this new Kia SUV coupe should measuring between 4.30 and 4.40 meters long. Surely developed by and for Europe, this model should arrive in early 2019 and equipped with the latest Diesel and gasoline engines Hyundai / Kia group. That is, gasoline can imagine thrusters 1.0 T-3 cylinder GDI Y 120 hp or the 1.4 T-GDI 4 and 140, while in Diesel 1.6 CRDi 95, 11 and 136 CV range conform. Do not rule out, though, a more powerful engine to marry this sports concept model.

For now, Kia engineers internationally ruled that the 2018 Cee’d family and new models arrive electric variants, but betting the sub-hybridization mild hybrid with 48V system to reduce emissions without firing costs. This SUV promises of course, but … what will be on the market? Thus obviating other SUV Focus more premium coupes existing (Mercedes GLC Coupe, BMW X4 or Range Rover Evoque Coupé) And others that will exist (BMW X2), We focus on the new SUV coupes general coming to a category that appears, will grow.

Volkswagen Tiguan Coupe: 2018

VW Tiguan CoupeOne of the first hints of excitement and exclusivity segment will give Volkswagen with its new Tiguan Coupe. This SUV should already hit the market in 2018, accompanied by two powerful engines: 240 hp 2.0 TDI and 2.0 TSI 220. Developed on the MQB platform Volkswagen Group A2, its length will be about 4.5 meters and its estimated price would be about 1,500 euros over the Conventional Tiguan.

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Toyota C-HR: now on sale

Toyota C-HROf course, if today we have to talk about a compact SUV generalist with aesthetic coupe, all bulbs must point before the Toyota C-HR. Spectacular imaging, the Japanese SUV has revolutionized the market causing a big impact for its attractive and original aesthetics. Furthermore, it is characterized by comfort, high perceived quality and Spain offered only one option mechanical hybrid, able to secure lower real consumption among SUV compact. A very interesting you can read a full test on the link below you model.

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Skoda Kodiaq Coupé: 2018

Skoda Coupe KodiaqIt is also confirmed a new Coupe SUV at Skoda… but not for Europe. For now it advertised only to Asian markets, although it is expected that if competing brands are encouraged, so bring Skoda. And more to the good image that seems to have this model. With a sporty image, Kodiaq Coupé measured around 4.50 meters long, also it develops as the Tiguan under the MQB platform Volkswagen group, with Diesel engines and gasoline, could be offered with an electric variant.

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CX-4: 2018

CX-4Another brand that could immerse yourself in the segment is Mazda. Japanese and presented a sports SUV known as CX-4 at the Beijing Motor Show 2016. Developed on the platform CX-5, this model measures 4.60 meters and advertised with a very sporty set-point. Mechanically it has been presented with two petrol engines SKYACTIV-G direct injection, a 2.0 4 cylinder with 165 hp and a 2.5 with 192 hp.

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