Volkswagen Golf 2019: more data New photos!

Volkswagen Golf 2019: more data New photos!

The eighth generation of the VW Golf will start selling in 2019 and here’s a first taste of how a car will be called to be a whole-selling.

VW Golf 2019: first photos

VW Golf 2019: first photos

VW Golf 2019: first photos

VW Golf 2019: first photos

He best selling car in Europe in recent years, the VW Golf, is always news. Now, you can forward How will the new generation -the octave, which premiere is scheduled for 2019.

The current generation VW Golf -the seventh-, has just opened a deep update (See test VW Golf 2017). Minor design changes, more efficient engines and, above all, greater technological contribution in terms of safety and systems driving aids distinguish the latest update of the seventh generation Golf. But,how will the Golf VIII? Keep reading…

VW Golf 2019: interior and technological revolution

He official premiere of the eighth-generation VW Golf will take place, most likely in Autumn 2018, marketing starting late this year or already early from 2019. As usual in each new generation of the Volkswagen Golf, do not expect a revolutionary change in the exterior design. Yes there will be slight aesthetic developments in the look of the headlights, front grille, rear lights and new designs of alloy wheels. Where Yes more significant changes will experience inside and technology.

VW Golf 2019According to the information available, the great cornerstone in the interior of the Volkswagen Golf VIII It will be his great rectangular screen placed in the center of the dashboard (the image and likeness of Tesla or new Volkswagen Arteon). From the big screen can handle virtually all functionality new information system, navigation and entertainment. On the other hand and more accessible to the driver’s eyes, will come alive one new much larger digital display that premiered at the "restyling" 2017. He gestural control of the driver’s, the warning device fatigue and tiredness, the automatic braking system, the warning unintended lane change, the control dead angle and numerous assistants known driving will still be available in the VW Golf new delivery.

VW Golf 2019: semi-autonomous and connected to other cars

He Eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf car will be connected in every way. In addition to any mobile device connecting passengers traveling within the Golf will have an efficient technology that will allow data sharing trip and incidents thereof with other vehicles traveling on the same road or other nearby roads.

And also in certain circumstances the New VW Golf may travel alone without human intervention, that is, we are facing the First Golf with autonomous driving functions.

VW Golf 2019VW Golf 2019: MQB platform, electricity …

The Electric bet Volkswagen Group facing the coming years is more than evident. A few weeks ago he announced its offensive launch more than 30 electric cars until 2025. However, the combustion engines whether of gasoline or Diesel them is still long way to go.

Thus, the newly released new 1.5 TSI petrol engine with cylinder shutdown It will be one of the most popular engines, as well as the existing version of 150 hp, There could also be a less powerful 130 hp. Diesel VW Golf thrusters also remain versions more demands, all despite the restrictions against this type of fuel most European countries (France and Britain, two of the latest examples to ban the sale of cars are imposing diesel and gasoline in a few years).

VW Golf 2019: three and five doors, familiar Variant …

In addition to several versions of gasoline, diesel, hundred percent electric (e-Golf will remain its name) and plug-in hybrid (Golf GTE), the 2019 VW Golf Range shall be articulated mainly three body styles: three doors, five doors and family Variant (See photos of all of them in the image gallery).

The versions more "spicy" and sporting the VW Golf 2019 will remain the GTI and the R, the latter with a considerable increase in power due to the possible presence in its technical genes of an electric motor that will have a role more prominent, as well as electricity generator like Extra power supply in the final performance of your hybrid system.