Crossland X and X Grandland: Opel SUV in 2017

Crossland X and X Grandland: Opel SUV in 2017

First will come the Opel Crossland X, an SUV urban style; then come the Opel Grandland X, rival compact; But there is more, much more…

Opel SUV, Crossland X and X Grandland 2017

Opel SUV, Crossland X and X Grandland 2017

Opel SUV, Crossland X and X Grandland 2017

Opel SUV, Crossland X and X Grandland 2017

put a SUV in your life. This seems to be the catchphrase, hence the plans go through all brands promote this type of car in all categories possible. after assigning the letter X to the new Mokka, Opel has made clear that, from now on, this letter will serve identifying sign for those releases that remain framed within the philosophy SUV.

Opel Crossland X: an SUV for everyday

The first surprise we with Opel Crossland X, a new SUV that will be available in our country at the gates of next summer. Actually it is the Meriva substitute, but given where the likes of current public van, Opel has abandoned the idea of ​​creating a pure minivan and without neglecting the practical aspects, has come close to that prevailing style adventurer image and it is essential that, to the extent that the German mark defines X as an Opel Crossland “Urban crossover”.

Opel Crossland XThe first technical data provided by the German manufacturer indicate that this new SUV It measures 4.21 meters long, so that its size is very similar to the Mokka X -this is only 7cm Largo-, although the body Opel Crossland X is somewhat lower and the driver will not sit so high. Despite the slight variations in the shape of the headlights and front grille, keeps the family resemblance that is gaining in recent Opel. In this regard, intermittent common to the range in the fins, while the Light identity with the double wing It remains front and rear.

Opel Crossland X: modulable second row

Mark is confident that, with his image, Opel Crossland X I attract a wider female audience, mostly helped by some customization elements they tend to like, as the floating roof on a different rest of the body color. Inside it has a second row moving longitudinally up to 15 cm, so that one can vary the trunk volume, that would be 410 liters when the seats are in the rearmost position and 520 liters If the most are advanced, while capacity rises 1255 liters when the rear seats.

Opel dashboard Crossland X is very ergonomic working level with a fairly clean design on which highlights a large central screen which, depending on the trim level, may be 7 or 8 ”, always in color. You may also mount a front panel with analog or digital TFT 3.5 ” further. It will be novelty in the segment projection information directly on the front glass, without plastic screen and other Head-Up Display, and its envelope may carry adaptive headlights led, automatic emergency braking, reader traffic signals, lane keeping control and connectivity system Opel OnStar, smartphone with wireless charging.

Opel Crossland X: front-wheel drive only?

As for mechanical supply, Opel only indicates that X will Crossland petrol versions, CDTI or moved by GLP, and there will be manual and automatic transmissions. We can advance that their environment known engines will take advantage with clear commercial potential. In the petrol range seem Secure Tricilíndrico 1.0 Turbo with 105 hp and also tetracilíndrico 1.4 turbo 125 hp. Diesel in the field, will be the 1.3 CDTi the first step with 95 hp, to complete two 1.6 CDTi with 110 and 136 hp -figures power in other Opel that could be adjusted slightly in the new crossover-.

But what does seem clear is that the 4×4 will not be territory for this model, given that particular urban focus and priority use in asphalt. Distances and will also be established with the Opel Mokka X, a somewhat larger SUV and it will have on all-wheel drive and more powerful engines prestacional specific content to clearly give meaning upper echelon. Incidentally, the Crossland X is an SUV “made in Spain” since It is manufactured at the Opel plant in Figueruelas has (Zaragoza), and its production lines also will the future Citroën C3 Aircross, model that will replace the current C3 Picasso and sharing development with the new crossover of the German mark, the result of the industrial agreement between the PSA group and General Motors.

Opel SUVOpel Grandland X: SUV segment C

Above the SUV’s citizens, the German automaker will complete its range in the last part of 2017 with a new compact SUV, the Opel Grandland X, of which there is still no official images but has been recreated by our illustrator Schulte red. Its length should be around 4.45 meters, not in vain this model platform and share many components the Peugeot 3008, within that industrial agreement between PSA and General Motors.

With the Opel Grandland X, mark Rüsselsheim looking at the same time link between the Astra and Zafira future, which will remain a minivan, but escorted by the new compact waiting for the evolution of demand in that category SUV. Thus, Opel will compete directly with the Volkswagen Tiguan, Nissan Qashqai, Ateca Seat, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson and obviously with the Peugeot 3008. own And most logical is that under the hood Grandland X see engines gasoline between 130 and 165 hp, The first trincilíndrico, and Diesel 100 to 150 HP.

Sure at the Geneva Motor Show Opel You will unveil new data from these SUV, but do not think your plans with the X range will stop here; 2018 will see an even larger SUV. All manufacturers are working to offer general 7-seater variants developed from its compact size models, with slight modifications on the same platform. And the result of that agreement between the PSA Group and General Motors, is likely to emerge a new Opel X rather have in common with the Peugeot 5008.

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