So will the new SUV Seat: A 7-seater super Ateca

So will the new SUV Seat: A 7-seater super Ateca

It is not yet officially confirmed, but it looks like the new big SUV Seat Álora be called. With up to 7 seats, it will be located above the Ateca and again resort to a Spanish population.

Seat Álora: the name of the new 7-seater SUV?

Seat Álora: the name of the new 7-seater SUV?

Seat Álora: the name of the new 7-seater SUV?

Seat Álora: the name of the new 7-seater SUV?

Seat Álora. Definitely it seems like this is the name of the new SUV will debut brand Spanish, developed on the same platform of Ateca but with 7 seats. To understand the Spanish version Seat Kodiaq new Skoda or VW Tiguan … but Allspace Made in Germany. Specifically in Wolfsburg.

His name was so far the best kept secret and, although so far Seat it not officially confirmed, all the rumors coming from Germany take for granted and this designation. ¿And where it comes from? Well Seat returns to “pull” Spanish name as always he promises. If Ateca is a town of Zaragoza and Tenerife Arona it is, the new 7-seater SUV to travel to the province Malaga: Alora is an Andalusian town, located in the center of the province and framed in the region of Valle del Guadalhorce. With an area of ​​169.62 km2, and very close to the famous Caminito del Rey, it has an estimated population of more than 13,000 inhabitants, according to INE 2015.

Seat Alora arrive in 2018

What until now I had confirmed it was his Seat estimated date of release: 2018. This was officially assured the president of the brand, Luca de Meo, promising that the third SUV of the company “It will bring new customers, boost brand image and have a very important role in our ability to generate margins effect.” This was stated during the presentation of the latest economic results of the company.

Seat ÁloraHe New Seat Álora It will be located on both the range of the above the current brand Ateca, an SUV that in just one year has become a bestseller to appear as one of the best selling models in the category. With its misma MQB platform, but in its variant A2 elongated body and an option to have 5 or 7 seats interior, this big new SUV is designed yes in Barcelona with aspirations to be the most practical model of its kind.

Moreover, as we learned in previous conversations with their managers, the new Seat Álora be a very important model for the brand, not only for the segment occupied, but also because will release a new frontal image… then reproduce and evolve the new generation of compact Leon.

Seat Alora range and motors

Few details we know at the moment what will be the third SUV Seat, this new Álora. If we analyze alternatives in other brands of the group, we can almost assure that its length will be around the 4.70 meters and should have a large trunk that with 5 places useful, handily exceeded the 600 liters of capacity real.

As to engines, the new Seat Álora commercially should start its range on petrol with the new 1.5 TSI 150 hp and system cylinder shutdown, already released now in the new Golf. Above, you should also have a Version 2.0 TSI 190 and 220 hp power.

already Diesel, Seat Álora its range should start with the known Version 2.0 TDI 150 hp, and offer above variants And 190 to 240 hp. That, at least, is the range with which it is presented in the market the VW Tiguan Allspace, and what seems most logical response to the engines that just premiered the Golf or promises Ateca new Cupra. We keep reporting …

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