Mercedes A Class 2018: the new compact, closer

Mercedes A Class 2018: the new compact, closer

Mercedes-Benz is with the final preparations for what will be the fourth generation of Class A, the compact C-segment car that will debut brand platform and will result in more versions.

Mercedes A Class 2018: new images

Mercedes A Class 2018: new images

Mercedes A Class 2018: new images

Mercedes A Class 2018: new images

It has become the commercial star star mark. And that the birth of Mercedes Class TO He had a controversial premiere 20 years ago, in rollover Proof Elk included. Born minivan and he never flashed until the current third generation Class A was redesigned from top to bottom, under the formula compact to use it is today. Immediately he led to success A class to become the Mercedes plus sold in recent years.

Therefore, a revolution is not expected to Class A fourth generation. O yes, but it will be industrial and technological, because the designs will color only, in view of the adoption of the current public image A class and its derivatives (SUV GLA and CLA sedan).

Mercedes A Class 2018Mercedes A Class 2018: lighter

The next generation Mercedes A class It will focus on the release of a new modular platform, which will exploit the flexibility to which the segment is provided. With denomination internal MFA2, the new platform will lead to a reduction of 50 kilos weight, also thanks to the use of materials ultra resistant in its structure, with newly developed components at strategic points … each screw account in the fight against weight.

Another added advantage of new platform It may be that vary and adapt the wheelbase according to the particularities of each body variant. Of the "lengthy" Current Mercedes CLA, insiders admitted to us "behind closed doors" their "proportions were not ideal". This will no longer happen with the new architecture, which will allow Battle vary by up to 20 centimeters and, in turn, this flexibility will allow Mercedes offers more models yet. These new members there would be a CLA Shooting Brake only 2 side doors, a A Cabrio and sports 2 + 2 coupe, to rival Audi TT, which it will address its development AMG sports division. Incidentally, in the route book Mercedes-AMG It is written extend its range of cars with a larger number of versions. Thus, the future A45 AMG that cross the barrier 400 hp, will accompany an unprecedented A40 AMG with a power around 350 hp. The idea is to double the sportiest offering, as it does Audi with their S and RS.

Class Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake 2018Mercedes A Class 2018: engines "More smalls"

Returning to the range "normal"At the level of mechanical, electrification will be key to bring down the average CO2 emissions of future Class TO. increasingly smaller thrusters, with smaller displacement and always turboalimentados, They will be supported by electric motors to ensure pleasure of use and efficiency. Expect new versions soft annealing or "mild hybrid", a motor / generator capable of assisting in the phases of start, as well as increased presence of hybrid plug, well Mercedes It should be also developing a rival to the Audi A3 e-tron. Its electric motor of 50 kW (68 hp), will be integrated in an automatic gearbox double clutch 7 speed, associated with a mechanical petrol 4 cylinders, or diesel around 110 hp. In any case, autonomy in electric mode is 50 km.

Assistants security, connectivity Y car2x communication (Car infrastructure) will also continue its unstoppable growth. Navigation predictive, notice of incidents, functions driving automated… You have little to envy the future A class the flagship models Mercedes. The same will happen in relation to the quality its interior more refined materials and design details differentiators, attractive combinations of ambient lights and lighting effects also in charge of their headlights, which give a touch of sophistication to the exterior design.

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