Audi Q3 2018: the new SUV is tuned

Audi Q3 2018: the new SUV is tuned

The second generation Audi Q3 SUV is in its final stage of development. Throughout 2018 we will know their final details, but here’s a preview of what it will be.

Audi Q3 2018, new images of the SUV

Audi Q3 2018, new images of the SUV

Audi Q3 2018, new images of the SUV

Audi Q3 2018, new images of the SUV

The segment SUV not for to provide news and updates. Next stop? Audi, with new generation of Q3, a model that is already in the last of his set-up phase.

According to the information available, he new Audi Q3 It will be much larger, with a length to be located in a 4.45 m (Now measures 4.39 m). The wheelbase will increase to 2.65 meters (5 cm than the current model), while the width is maintained at 1.83 m. For its part, the height will also remain unchanged -1.59 m-, although apparently and according to the recreations of our illustrator Schulte, seems at first glance a higher SUV. And this increased the aesthetic presence achieved through a more expressive front grille and more pronounced wheel steps. As for the volume available for loading in the trunk, capacity anticipates a 400 liters, a figure that is no reference in the segment SUV means, in which premium and exclusive character the BMW X1, the GLA Mercedes and Range Rover Evoque will be the main adversary of SUV the four rings.

Audi Q3 2018: lighter and efficient

As usual in small cars and mid-size Volkswagen group, he new Audi Q3 It will be manufactured under the methods of the cross platform modular construction MQB. With the use of new lighter materials and new production techniques, the Audi Q3 2018 will weigh around 50 kilograms less, something that at first, and according to our information, impact on a approximately 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

Audi Q3 2018The mechanical range of Audi Q3 2018 will include all alternatives. Among them, an interesting plug-in hybrid version e-tron I should have the 1.4 TFSI gasoline engine and combustion engine within its hybrid innards. Remarkable also a Q3 unprecedented hundred percent power, with a autonomy similar to the one recently announced by the VW e-Golf 2017, ie around about 300 km on a single charge.

For lovers gasoline and the Diesel, he Audi Q3 2018 will feature the latest developments TFSI and TDI, all of them already technically adapted to meet the emission standard Euro 6c. Drivers who want to feel sporting sensation, new Audi Q3 also will award them with respective versions SQ3 and RSQ3 of 340 and 400 hp, respectively.

He Inside the new Audi Q3 It will be highly technological and digital. Passengers can enjoy the new developments Audi configurable digital instrumentation Virtual Cockpit, Besides the connectivity more complete through the MirroScreen, Auto carplay and Android systems.

Finally, a somewhat negative news for the Spanish automobile industry, as Production of the new Audi Q3 will move to the Hungarian plant in Gyor (Remember that the first generation of this SUV has been manufacturing factory in Martorell Barcelona).


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