Volkswagen Golf VIII: and be compact in 2018

Volkswagen Golf VIII: and be compact in 2018

VW This forces him to advance his future. In 2018 will reach a new generation Golf, with electric mobility and a new bypass SUV as protagonists.

This will be the future Volkswagen Golf VIII

This will be the future Volkswagen Golf VIII

This will be the future Volkswagen Golf VIII

This will be the future Volkswagen Golf VIII

If the light MQB platform on already developed tOdos compact cars of the VW group (Audi A3 at the Seat León, among others) already guessed exponential progress in seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf (Born in late 2012), next, in theory, only evolve a clever compact as ever to endure over time. We say in theory, because although it the changes will not be revolutionary, and announce themselves at the bottom all future awaits us mobility… and the VW Group has no choice but to jump immediately after everything that has represented brands scandal emissions.

The new Volkswagen Golf, ie its completely new eighth generation, the market will presumably midyear 2018… although it was scheduled for 2019. And despite its current generation already has a plug (Golf GTE) and other electric hybrid version (e-Golf) in its next evolution will greatly enhance its capabilities (Autonomy and recharge times, especially). They will, no doubt, compact more suited to long journeys and viable as means of transport. Future e-Golf is expected to allow new batteries and autonomies of 300 km.

Nevertheless, electrical bet Volkswagen (It has already announced it will launch globally over 30 electric cars until 2025 and will remove 40 current models on the market) does not mean that their conventional versions are not maintained and also experience significant progress. In anticipation, the restyling of the current Volkswagen Gof VII, which is already scheduled for late 2016, It will be accompanied and indeed a new 1.5 TSI petrol engine, versions of 130 and 150 hp power. This will take over from current 125/150 hp 1.4 TSI and take full command of the gasoline range in its eighth generation.

Electric VW GolfVolkswagen announced as the new engine 1.5 TSI Golf equating VIII improved by up to 10 percent efficiency current 1.4 TSI 125 hp, also affecting, knowing their most recent past, which is not only a value of official approval, but the customer will appreciate the increased consumer economy under realistic conditions. He new 1.5 TSI stands out for its variable geometry turbo, unusual so far from gasoline engines.

In addition to its electric component and its new petrol engines, the future Volkswagen Golf VIII will introduce a completely new modular family of Diesel engines 1.5 TDI 3 cylinder, which cover a power that goes fork from 75 to 120 hp. It is therefore retire responsible for previous 1.4 and 1.6 TDI.

Rate your car for freeBesides its mechanical range, the new Volkswagen Golf VIII also feature a vast central touchscreen 15 inches, already active vocal and gestural commands, and already extended box virtual cockpit watches fully configurable, and introduced modern models of Audi and VW Passat. Habitability and good boot strengths remain best-selling compact in Europe today, and no shortage recent security systems and driver assistance, and very component of future autonomous driving.

New SUV on the VW Golf VIII

VW Golf SUVAlong with this new Volkswagen Golf, the brand offers also continue to expand its offering SUV with few alternatives not for all audiences. So, the new VW Touareg and Tiguan, They will add one new SUV derived from the utility pole and more than likely new compact crossover brand based Golf VIII. T-Roc is the name of this other compact SUV with mechanical Diesel, gasoline and plug-in hybrid GTE, serve to position itself below a grown Tiguan and cover the entire SUV range in full.

This new SUV Volkswagen Golf platform size and VIII may even be that premiered the brand new electrical architecture. If you already have Volkswagen today in its range with two purely electric or rather cars, two electric versions developed on respective conventional models such as the urbanite up! and conventional Golf icon, the next step is a new generation of electric vehicles developed as such since its inception and as a blank. there have been in recent months purely electric concepts of the brand, such as Budd-e, an interesting exercise in designing a transport van extroverted people. Its platform has two compact electric motors, one on each axle, and among these, mounted horizontally, the necessary batteries are located. Volkswagen talks about a range of up to 600 kilometers and, by 2020, development could see this SUV variant of Golf.

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