10 new automobiles and SUV worth the wait

10 new automobiles and SUV worth the wait

The new generations of the Peugeot 508, Ford Focus and VW Golf, the new 7-seater SUV Seat and BMW X7 unpublished are some new cars and SUV worth the wait. But there is more, much more …

10 new automobiles and SUV worth the wait

10 new automobiles and SUV worth the wait

10 new automobiles and SUV worth the wait

10 new automobiles and SUV worth the wait

Authentic battalion novelties for the coming months in the automotive market with the release of new generations of selling cars as the VW Golf and the Ford Focus and, of course, of new and unpublished SUV, as expected Seat 7 seats and the BMW X7. Take pen and paper and notes all new to come.

Peugeot 508 2018

Changing third in the new generation model type Peugeot sedan, he 508. In its new generation, the "traditional" aesthetic forms of these vehicles will become more aerodynamic coupe type and lines "fastback". According to sources consulted by Autopista.es, its exterior design will have certain dyes similar to the prototype Instinct Concept, while the configuration of the interior also have similar features with the cockpits of SUV 3008 Y 5008, with the latter model it will share much of the technical structure.

TO mid-2018 It is expected to know the final details of this expected Peugeot 508. And your engines? According to our sources, in the range of gasoline may be a three-cylinder turbo 1.2 PureTech 130 hp, while the supply Diesel engines will be configured with 130 hp BlueHDi 1.5 and 2.0 of 150 and 180 hp.

– More information: so will the new Peugeot 508 2018.

New compact CitroënNew compact Citroën in 2018

He Cactus Citroën C4 It is one of the most revolutionary models Citroën in the last times. Well, along 2018 shall be completely renewed turn may lead to an new car compact segment C. For this reason, everything indicates that the current C4 we know with this kind of body will disappear and be born a new model whose name has not yet been confirmed (C4 could be called perfectly, but based and philosophy similar to the new C4 Cactus).

About him New C4 Cactus, We can anticipate that, in all likelihood, abandon one of its signs of current identity: the airbumps or padded air side shields to protect the body from shocks.

-More information: so will the new compact Citroen.

Ford Focus 2018

The fourth generation Ford Focus It is one of the most anticipated developments in 2018. The compact segment is renewed greatly 2017 with the arrival of new generations of the Honda Civic and Hyundai i30, in addition to updating the VW Golf. Before this campus, to Ford a move touches the new Focus, a model that will inherit the new design language already reflected in the party 2017.

To compete effectively in this very hard-fought segment, Ford Focus 2018 will debut new technical platform, initially will ensure greater lightness -around about 50 kilograms less– and therefore greater efficiency. The new outgoing model will be larger, although its overall length should not exceed 4.50 m. What will also increase its width, the track width and wheelbase, so it is expected that the new Focus is one of the compact with better levels of habitability.

– More information: so will the new Ford Focus 2018.

VW Golf 2019Volkswagen Golf 2019

The eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf It is another car which takes already talking long time. Its premiere is scheduled for 2019, not have a revolutionary design (will remain clearly recognizable as a Golf) and incorporate a more typical of higher segment vehicles technological contribution, particularly in terms of safety and driver assistance. Settings inside also it changes remarkably, with the notable presence of a large multifunction touchscreen you may remember the information already in the Tesla.

He Volkswagen Golf 2019 It will be a Car connected in every way. In addition to any mobile device connecting passengers traveling inside the Golf will have an efficient technology that will allow share data your trip and incidents thereof with other vehicles traveling on the same road or other nearby roads. And also in certain circumstances, the new VW Golf may travel alone without human intervention, ie, we are facing the First Golf with autonomous driving functions.

– More information: so will the new VW Golf 2019.

BMW X7 (autumn 2017 and early 2018)

One of the great new SUV in the coming months is the Unpublished BMW X7, a model larger than the X5 and the X6 (It measured more than 5 meters long) and whose premiere is scheduled in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. Marketing will start right after the German event or at the beginning of 2018, according to the markets.

In addition to a technological contribution that will put the BMW X7 almost up to a luxury limousine, another feature to note is the possibility to choose a cabin with two seating configurations: 4 or 7 seats. BMW X7 information.

Seat SUV 7 seatsLarge SUV Seat 7 seater in 2018

Besides of Ateca and Arona, Seat It plans to sell 2018 new large SUV, that used the same MQB platform of Ateca and other models Volkswagen group and whose distinctive sign of identity will be to provide carrier with 7 seats.

At the moment, we do not know what the name of this 7-seater SUV Seat, although the final name will be one of these: Abrera, Alboran Arán, Aranda, Ávila, Donosti, Tarifa, Tarraco and Teide.

– More information: so will the new 7-seater SUV Seat.

2018 Audi Q8

Another unpublished SUV to be released soon be the Audi Q8, a model whose final design will have many similarities with the prototype Q8 Concept. This model will share a platform with the Q7 and will compete with rivals such as the Porsche Cayenne and BMX X6 (To compete with the X7, Audi also is preparing a new Q9). Inside the Q8 will feature all kinds of "gadgets" technologies and systems to enhance the comfort and entertainment of the occupiers. Mechanical range will be varied and it will be at least a plug-in hybrid version e-tron with about 70 km of autonomy in electric mode hundred percent.

– More information: so will the Audi Q8 2018.

Land Rover DefenderLand Rover Defender 2019

Fans to todoterrenos really they are in luck with the premiere of the new generation Land Rover, originally scheduled for 2019. The new design of this legendary 4×4 will have similar features to the prototype DC100. Like the new Discovery and Discovery Sport, The extensive use of aluminum in its construction will be one of the main technical characteristics besides adopting various drive systems that ensure a off-road capabilities outstanding. Among modern 4×4 systems, to highlight a new cruise control specially designed for the field, Besides of new intelligent drive system Terrain Response with multiple operating modes.

– More information: so will the Land Rover 2019.

CX-August 2018

A few weeks ago, Mazda denied that the SUV CX-5 I could have a 7-seater version. The new model will feature this capability itself inside will be called CX-8, will design similarities with the CX-5 2017 and you can also set up your cabin with a alternative version 6 seats. Its exterior dimensions are similar to the BMW X5, Range Rover Sport, and Volvo XC90 and its technical characteristics highlight the engine Diesel SkyActiv-D 2.2 coupled to the automatic transmission SKYACTIV-Drive six gears.

– More information: so will the new Mazda CX-8.

Nissan Leaf 2018

One of the electric cars most popular of the planet, Nissan Leaf, also released new generation in 2018. Its official debut will take place in the Frankfurt Motor Show and we can anticipate you some interesting data.

Cuidadosísima aerodynamic and notable improvements in energy management are two key techniques New Nissan Leaf 2018. Thanks to both technological advances, there are those who announces that the new electric Leaf you can go about 500 kilometers on a single charge.

– More information: so will the Nissan Leaf 2018.