2018 Ford Focus: so will the new compact selling

2018 Ford Focus: so will the new compact selling

The time is near. Countdown to one of the most anticipated developments in 2018, the new Ford Focus. Fourth generation soon will come true and we can advance you how to be.

Ford Focus 2018: first picture of its new generation

Ford Focus 2018: first picture of its new generation

Ford Focus 2018: first picture of its new generation

Ford Focus 2018: first picture of its new generation

It is undoubtedly one of the Best Kept Secrets in recent months. Renewed this year the Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic and Hyundai i30, and only two years ago Opel Astra, Renault Megane and Seat Leon… what’s the matter with him Ford Focus? As it happens, it is in late stage development that the mark has been, and continues to make, in absolute mystery. Mystery today we will try to be revealing.

And is that even though in recent months they have seen already rolling camouflaged units (Including testing muletos through southern Spain), from Ford remains the “top secret”. Today, our Schulte illustrator reveals the first image of what the new Focus, a compact that It will debut late next year and which will be its fourth generation. The current, third, He arrived in 2010 and had a redesign in 2014. So he was playing … and when the current Ford Focus, one of the cars always sold in our market, has disappeared and the list of the 10 best sellers. It will …

And again, sure, because his new generation promises big improvements to put the Ford Focus again at the forefront of the category. Although at the moment were not disclosed many details, everything indicates that the new Focus will release platform. With it you can already offer the latest technology, greener versions and a lighter structure. From Germany say will lower, at least 50 kg weight.

Ford Focus 2018Aesthetically the 2018 Ford Focus will adapt the new Ford design language, taking many features already visible in the new Fiesta that was just presented. Along with a streamline and a sharp front, the compact bet also a renewed greater support base. If with 4.36 meters, the Focus has always boasted of being one of the longest cars in its class, it seems that renewal does not want to miss the train … but should not reach more than 4.50 meters looks the Honda Civic.

Ford Focus 2018: bigger and more dynamic

However, with good size separating you more than Hyundai i30 or the Opel Astra (both bounds near the 4.37 meters), the new Focus will also offer more battle and track width to run as one of the most spacious and livable models in its segment.

More space and better design, but the always the same sportsmanship. Ford will not give in its new Focus 2018 will continue to offer one of the most direct and compact vivo behavior. All information available to suggest today will release an address “steer by wire”, ie no physical connection wheel and front axle, which varies the steering ratio depending on the speed and becomes very direct in situations demanding sport. With most insurance lightness that offer great feelings.

Ford enginesThe new engines

Mechanically, the 2018 Ford Focus will incorporate the most modern engines brand, betting more than ever to a range of Ecoboost gasoline that so good results has given the company … and we all followed suit. his bloque 1.0 Ecoboost will supply center, next to Diesel 1.5 TDCi. Fork ranging from 115 to 150 hp should accumulate as demand compact. And of course attention to the new 1.5 Ecoboost engine also 3 cylinder, 200 hp and partial disconnection of cylinders. One of the jewels of which already boasts Ford for next year.

Above should also continue existing versions ST and RS They are flagging their sportsmanship. As for transmissions will have manual transmission option and automatic, where the Powershift dual clutch You should go on stage … although do not rule out new boxes with more gears (8? 9?) seeing for example Peugeot already has at its new 308 August 1 speeds torque converter, signing Aisin.

Nevertheless, obviously no shortage in the new Ford Focus variants with new propulsion systems. A lack of official confirmation, there will be an improved Focus 100% power and they should also appear Plug hybrid versions with a good range of zero emissions autonomy.

As for equipment, the new Ford Focus will have all systems connectivity and infotainment now available, including the latest generation of SYNC 3, with a central touch screen should exceed 8 inches maximum Fiesta. The compact also will also mark the start of the company in autonomous driving. Much system driving assistance and safety that will become crowned, insurance, one of the most interesting compact market. In a short while to know him completely.

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