Skoda Yeti 2017: the new compact SUV "mini" Kodiaq

Skoda Yeti 2017: the new compact SUV “mini” Kodiaq

Still not sold the Kodiaq, but Skoda is already preparing another SUV. The new Yeti will arrive in 2017 and, given the success of his future brother will take his features … and Seat Ateca.

Skoda Yeti 2017: so will the new compact SUV

Skoda Yeti 2017: so will the new compact SUV

Skoda Yeti 2017: so will the new compact SUV

Skoda Yeti 2017: so will the new compact SUV

The Search engines do not cheat: Kodiaq Skoda and Seat are Ateca synonymous, undoubtedly success. The two SUV Volkswagen group They are on track to become launches and News of the year industry in the European motor. The list of orders and the interest generated on the Internet and certainly speaks for itself. So much has surprised its popularity, that even Skoda has rethought Now therefore the Release of the second generation which was his First SUV: the Yeti.

He Skoda Yeti new land for over 2017 with a new product philosophy. Yes, because if in the initial plans of the brand was so original and keep the square of the current model aesthetics, Kodiaq success and Ateca will make part of your personality in exchange for an image that will appeal certainly more to be lost. This has been already recognized those responsible for the brand in the current Paris Motor Show 2016 … and only need to see the first images that show you the future Yeti (Computer recreations of our cartoonist Schulte) To see how much his older brother will look like, and even SUV Seat at its side and back.

Skoda Yeti 2017: an SUV with more space

But leaving aside the image that you see in the photos, there is no doubt either that the Skoda Yeti new SUV will be much better. And it will be in almost all sections. If the current model and stuck out their space and interior versatility, second generation will grow up in every way. And to begin with increased length should take longer even above the 4.35 meters, Online roughly with Ateca Seat. The reason is simple: the Volkswagen group already preparing development new small SUV under one platform, so in addition to the already announced Arona Seat and Volkswagen Polo SUV future, will also replica Skoda Fabia on. And the great Kodiaq (4.70 meter) leaves much space intermediate.

Skoda Kodiaq: InteriorAs reconfigured as a authentic compact SUV, and far more than utilitarian supply, Skoda Yeti 2017 new born in the same MQB platform VW group employing both Seat Ateca as the Volkswagen Tiguan. By increasing in size, brand managers say they still offer greater interior roominess, and a trunk and above 500 liters … when today the official Yeti current accredits 405 liters. The photo that appears in the article is inside the new Kodiaq, but should not vary much its design. And no shortage of either, obviously many practical solutions to which Skoda we have come under the umbrella of its slogan “Simply Clever”: Ice scraper, umbrella, paper trays seatback, networks subject-objects, etc. It will be a SUV certainly the most functional.

Skoda Yeti 2017: Future range

But the new Skoda Yeti 2017 will also be a much more evolved SUV thanks to the new architecture. It is more than likely that his older brother, Kodiaq, take all kinds of technologies: Automatic braking systems in city, perimeter cameras, adaptive cruise control, fatigue detectors systems, blind spot and lane departure … could even equip your new assistant trailer. We’ll see.

As for his mechanical range, the new Skoda Yeti 2017 You should not change much the current offer Ateca Seat. In gasoline, the current engine 110 hp 1.2 TSI and give way to new 1.0 TSI engine and 115 hp and with only 3 cylinders, promising safe lower consumption. Already above the 1.4 TSI blocks, perhaps in both versions 125 and 150 hp (The latter with cylinder shutdown system) should now close the proposal gasoline.

Skoda Yeti 2017Meanwhile in Diesel is obviously the 1.6 TDI 115 hp he Engine access the range, while above should still appear on 2.0 TDI 150 hp. It remains to be seen if there are in a 2.0 TDI with 190 hp and… or this option is reserved to the upper Kodiaq. manual and automatic DSG dual clutch, with options superior traction front and all-wheel drive will complete the offer of a SUV that should remain a reference balance and capacity.

is only because know their exact date of marketing and possible prices. But, knowing that the new Skoda Kodiaq could reach the market at a price of 24,950 euros starting, and the Seat Ateca is announced discounts from approximately 22,000 euros, is more than likely that the Skoda Yeti future is positioned in the vicinity of 20,000 euros boot, costing about 1,000-1,500 euros more than the current Yeti. But all the latter are already speculation. Toca wait a little longer …

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