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Renault Mégane 2014, TouchdownRenault Mégane 2014, TouchdownRenault Mégane 2014, TouchdownRenault Mégane 2014, Touchdown

Launched in 2009, the third generation Renault Megane receives a new update, cooler design is accompanied by improvements in equipment. On the one hand, the aesthetic changes affect especially the redesigned front bumper and showing new ventilation grilles, while the headlights are now elliptical and elongated, and incorporate new LED daytime running lights now. But if anything stands in front of the new Renault Mégane is the logo, a larger diamond, highlighting more on a shiny black background. A logo design according to the director of the French brand, Laurens Van Acker, had become too small, settling some inconsistency with that shown by models such as the Captur and Zoe, smaller models. Within little changed, a spacious cabin, a comfortable driving position, which highlights the clarity of the information provided through the instrument panel spheres.

mechanical news

Renault Megane 2014But aesthetic restyling It is accompanied by some changes in the engine range. On the one hand, incorporates the gasoline engine 1.2 TCe 115 hp Energy, manufactured in the neighboring factory in Valladolid, which equipped with Stop & Start and ESM energy recovery system offers a level of CO2 emissions of 119 g / km so it is exempt from registration tax.

We have also built engine improvements Diesel 1.5 dCi entry to the range that gains 5 hp, 4 mkg of torque and is offered with manual six-speed gearbox. Promises 4.1 liters per 100 km consumption approved and 1,400 km of autonomy. The most powerful of the diesel range is still the dCi of 130 hp associated with a manual 6 speed, we had a chance to drive, and noted for its smooth ride and excellent performance.

On the other hand, the Mégane 2014 range expands supply of automatic transmissions with the arrival of a new version TCe 130 EDC, the first time the dual-clutch box tied motorization gasoline is offered. Its consumption is 25 percent less than its predecessor continuous variation.

Name change

Renault Megane 2014Forget about names like Expression, Dinamique or Authetique, from now the new Mégane offered, depending on the bodywork, in three finishes: Life, GT Style and the highest range, Bose. Thus the French brand simplifies the available supply.

The first, Life, is available as a sedan and Sport Tourer, linked, in gasoline, the Tce 115 hp and dCi Diesel to 95 hp. System includes ABS with brake assist Emergency (SAFE), Air conditioning, fog lamps and cruise control among others. finishing GT Style, which it is associated to 115y Tce of the dCi 110 and 115 hp further includes aluminum wheels 16", LED lights day dual zone automatic climate control, rain and light sensor, electrically folding reviewers driver seat lumbar regulator, among others. It is around 1,850 euros more expensive than the Life. finishing Bose associate Tce 130hp gasoline and diesel to the dCi 110 and 130 hp, adds browser Tom Tom, aluminum wheels 17" Bose audio system and 8 speakers. It represents a premium of around 1,200 euros on the GT Style.

From 11,700 euros, with discounts and financing PIVE

Renault Megane 2014Prices range in the saloon start, gasoline, from 18,350 euros version Life Energy Tce 115hp S&S, (15,350 euros PIVE excluding discount) to 24,300 (21,300 discount) of EDC Tce Bose 130. Diesel, from 19,650 the Life dCi 95 hp (16,650 discount excluding PIVE, and if it financed through RCI Banque can be at 11,700 euros) to 25,100 (22,100 discount) of Bose Energy dCi 130 S&S eco2. He Sport Tourer represents a premium of about 1,400 euros compared to the sedan.

Prices coupe body ranges from 20,150 euros of Intens Energy TCe 115 hp (17,150 with rebate) to 31,500 euros (28,500 euros now) 2.0 RS 265 hp.

Our opinion

Renewed aesthetically and with a still improved value, Mégane continues "making war". And is that, while it is true that it is a model that has spent five years on the market, with two updates in this period, Renault selling account, especially as their biggest asset reliability of its components.