The radar-helicopter Pegasus “hunting” several drivers over 200 km / h (video) echoes the last of the compilation of recordings of radar-helicopter Pegasus, where several drivers traveling at over 200 km / h is displayed.

On the occasion of the results of the last campaign DGT speed -held between 22 and 28 August-, Traffic He sent to the accredited press a compilation with some of the latest violations committed by several drivers that have been recorded and recorded by several units radar-Pegasus helicopters (These reckless maneuvers correspond to recent months, as can be seen from the date of each recorded video clips).

In the video that heads this article, you can see how several drivers amply exceed the 200 km / h on motorways. Also it draws attention to the cases of several cars traveling at over 170 and 180 km / h on secondary roads.

These latest actions "immortalized" for the radar-Pegasus helicopters coincide with the official results of the last campaign of the DGT speed, conducted jointly by several thousand agents of the Traffic Civil Guard in cooperation with relevant agencies of the regional police.

Speed ​​control of DGT 22 to 28 August: more than 31,000 drivers exceeded the limit

More than 31,000 drivers 31,104 offenders, to be exact- They have been reported during last campaign speed control. In total, it has been controlled speed drivers 502,473.

During this last campaign, Seven drivers have been put to justice accused of a crime against road safety to exceed more than 80 km / h the speed limit.

He 65 percent of breaches were on conventional roads and 35 percent in high-capacity roads (motorway links), According to data recorded by the DGT and agencies are responsible for monitoring the regional traffic police.