Radar camouflaged cars with DGT in Madrid

Radar camouflaged cars with DGT in Madrid

locate a unmarked car DGT it is not always easy. Some of them have a radar and are in charge of speed controls and others simply watch the maneuvers of the drivers in different ways. We provide a list of all the information that we have achieved in these cars, not to mention Forocoches quote, website we have achieved some of this information. Anyone with information of this kind and want to make your contribution will be welcome. Many of the radars are a few years ago, so we will be completing the list when we have more.

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List of camouflage cars DGT

Alfa Romeo

- Alfa Romeo Guilietta in black spotted in the area of ​​Las Rozas. < / br>- Alfa Romeo 159 SW black, with built-in radar.
- Alfa Romeo 159 SW black in color and black enrollment GHY (interceptor car).
- Alfa Romeo 159 SW light gray, registration GHY (seen by the A6).


- Audi A3 metallic black with radar and seen by the A6.


- Gray Citroen C3 in Leganés.
- Citroën C4 with registration DZM.
- Citroën C4 with five-door body silver.
- Citroën C4 hatchback with dark gray and registration FKN.
- Citroen C5 navy blue (seen in M-608 Manzanares el Real and towards Soto del Real).
- Citroen C5 dark green and registration CFX.
- Citroen C5 bottle green (in M-21 and sometimes without camouflaging).
- Citroen C5 with registration DTG (on the A3 in the direction of Madrid).
- Citroen C5 blue and registration DTG (seen in Paseo de Camoes, Madrid)
- Citroen C5 black (A-42, Madrid).
- Citroen C5 dark gray metallic color (M-609).
- Citroen C8 black with tinted (input Griñón).
- Citroen Xsara green and registration CMP.
- Citroen Xsara Picasso dark gray and registration DTG (Paseo de Camoes, Madrid).
- Citroen station wagon type of white (Aranjuez) ZX.


- Fiat Stilo burgundy and registration CNJ
- Fiat Stilo 5-door gray and the DDC registration.
- Fiat Stilo blue.

- Mk I Mondeo white.
- Ford Mondeo III (A2 or M300, Alcalá de Henares).


- Hyundai i20 black (Alcobendas)


- Kia Carnival maroon (seen by the A6).


- Lancia Delta black with license plate starting with 'H--' (A6, Santa Eugenia area and also seen in the A-42 to match Getafe)

Mercedes Benz

-Mercedes-Benz C-Class light brown (M-609).
- Mercedes-Benz C-Class enrollment silver and GGR.
- Mercedes-Benz C-Class beige (seen between A-1 and Torrelaguna).
- Mercedes-Benz C class family golden color (A1 / M40).
- Mercedes-Benz C Class familiar gray (A1 / M40).


- Mini Cooper red


- Nissan Qashqai white and registration HTM seen in the A6
Nissan SUV white (or Terrano Pathfinder)
- Nissan Terrano II bottle green (Inmediaciones M30-A3).
- Nissan Qashqai orange, tinted glass, registration GTG. (A6 / Guadarrama / Villalba).
- Qashqai white-registered 'H--' (Seen A6, right at the entrance to the Berzosa).


- Opel Insignia gray with tinted Mondays (seen in the A6).
- Gray Opel Astra 1.9 CDTi engine (Leganés).
- Astra GTC black with registration 'H--' (A-42).
- Opel Kadett (Leganés).


- Peugeot 207 with registration number orange and FLD (Torrejón de Ardoz).
- Peugeot 306 white (Alcobendas).
- Peugeot 307 blue smurf.
- Peugeot 307 metallic blue (with back panel)
- Peugeot 307 with five-door body and light blue.
- Peugeot 307 black (M206, near the M45).
- Peugeot 308 navy blue (N1, section between Ikea and the Jarama circuit)
- Peugeot 308 black color, license plate HDD (Torrejón de Ardoz).
- Peugeot 308 with registration GPD (Madrid capital).
- Peugeot 407 with registration black and GPG (A2 or M300, Alcalá de Henares).
- Peugeot 407 black color and registration number GLN (M-607, Colmenar Viejo, Madrid).
- Peugeot 607 dark blue.
- Gray Peugeot 508 with registration HKT (seen near the street Méndez Álvaro).


- Renault Laguna seen in Manzanares el Real road to Cercedilla (on the island is in the detour to La Pedriza) at night.
- Renault Laguna silver color and registration HBT (Colmenar Viejo-Madrid)
- Renault Megane I gray.
- Renault Megane I green and registration BWJ.
- Mégane II silver (Aranjuez input by the M-305, against Hyundai dealer).
- Renault Megane II silver gray.
- Renault Mégane II in black and registration FKS (Torrejón de Ardoz).
- Mégane III light blue and registration GBP (Torrejón de Ardoz).
- Renault Laguna in black and registration GPY (Madrid).


- Seat Ibiza white.
- Seat Ibiza SW black (Torrejón de Ardoz).
- Seat Leon Martian green with very big back (Coslada area) antenna.
- Seat Leon II with registration GTM (Madrid capital).
- Seat Exeo in black and registration HBZ (Alcobendas / La Moraleja).


- Skoda Octavia Combi light brown (N-1 seen in the direction of Madrid).


- Toyota Auris black (M-607, at the height of Colmenar Viejo).
- Toyota Avensis Gray (M-609, direction Soto del Real).
- Toyota Avensis bodied four-door gray (area A3, Mejorada del Campo).
- Toyota Avensis gray ash with registration HKM (M-40 south)
- Toyota Corolla silver-gray (A2, Madrid East).
- Toyota Corolla dark gray, five-door body and registration FLM.
- Toyota Corolla gold.
- Toyota Corolla silver-colored (around the M-607, Madrid).
- Toyota Land Cruiser metallic gray.
- Toyota Prius gray (Madrid, Puente Vallecas).


- Radar on Avenida de la Democracia (Madrid) near number 10.
- Radar on the A6 towards Madrid, km 114-113.

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