What exact speed jump radars on the roads?

Both the DGT and the Civil Guard have been published in Social Networks the exact speed at which radars jump to fine you. Attentive to every detail.What exact speed jump radars on the roads?

Profiles Twitter of the guard Civil (@guardiacivil) and DGT (@DGTes) have posted throughout the day today exact speed which jump radars, ie the figure by which They are activated and "hunt" the offending vehicle.

This exact speed which jump radars our roads It varies official limit in which are installed, that is, they do not apply the same scale or speed range They laying activated.

As it announced by the Directorate General of traffic, the exact speed which Skips radars roads limit between 50 and 100 km / h is the result of adding 7 km / h speed limit, ie in limited to 50 km / h section, the radar will be activated and will ticket 57 km / h; in tranches limit 60 km / h, jump to the radar 67 km / h; limit of 70 km / h, the radar will fine 77 km / h; limit of 80 km / h, radar "shoot" to 87 km / h; limit of 90 km / h, the fine radar 97 km / h; and limit of 100 km / h, radar sanction 107 km / h.

Profile DGT TwitterHow much fine radar speed limit above 100 km / h?

According to the publication widespread in social networks therefore the DGT as the guard Civil, when the road limit exceeds 100 km / h, that is, the particular limitation is 110 and 120 km / h, the speed cameras are activated in each case when the offending vehicle exceeds 7 percent the edge of the road on which you are driving.

Thus, in areas of highways and highway with a time limit (the limit drivers are advised by information panels) to 110 km / h, The radar will be activated 117.7 km / h. In all other motorways generic limit 120 km / h, Drivers will be punished if the radar picks circulating 128.4 km / h.

In the terse messages broadcast on Twitter by DGT and the guard Civil, not specified whether this maximum speed jumping the radar belong to fixed safety cameras, mobile safety cameras or radars section.