All radars Highway A-1

Complete and updated list of the locations of fixed speed cameras and mobile radars A-1, with a total of 20 located between fixed and mobile devices.All radars Highway A-1

we collect one complete list with fixed speed cameras and mobile radar that control our speed throughout the A-1, from Madrid to Navarra. In preparing this list we radar completed officially published on the website of the DGT -in which we only found nine radar detectors with produced by Dvuelta and by AEA (European Automobile Association Associates). In the latter, several points are included with usual location of mobile radars.

A total of 20 radars between fixed and common mobile They are spread throughout A-1, being Burgos province that more devices of control It has a total of eight, followed by Segovia and Madrid -cinco- -cuatro-.

At the height of La Cabrera, there announced a 'frame control ', but this is not one of the eight radars that are currently fining section. So we confirmed the DGT: any stretch radar, even if it is marked, not be published in the list of the DGT, does not sanction.

All radars Highway A-1

A-114,560GrowingMadridfixed radar100 km / h
A-122.092GrowingMadridfixed radar120 km / h
A-124,000DecreasingMadridfixed radarDGT
A-194.001GrowingMadridfixed radar100 km / h
A-1107,400GrowingSegoviaMobile radar120 km / h
A-1125.490DecreasingSegoviafixed radarDGT
A-1134.100GrowingSegoviaMobile radar120 km / h
A-1134,500GrowingSegoviaMobile radar120 km / h
A-1138.149GrowingSegoviafixed radarDGT
A-1146.761DecreasingBurgosfixed radarDGT
A-1160.080GrowingBurgosMobile radar120 km / h
A-1160.080DecreasingBurgosMobile radar120 km / h
A-1173,400DecreasingBurgosMobile radar120 km / h
A-1194.270GrowingBurgosfixed radar120 km / h
A-1226,500GrowingBurgosMobile radar120 km / h
A-1234.417GrowingBurgosfixed radarDGT
A-1237.557DecreasingBurgosfixed radarDGT
A-1390.750GrowingÁlavafixed radar90 km / h
A-1390.740DecreasingÁlavafixed radar90 km / h
A-1401.561GrowingNavarrefixed radarDGT

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