Dudas: Start & Stop will end the life of my engine?

"At home we have a Seat Leon FR TDI with Start & Stop. Some say the engine is prepared for that system work and others is bad for the battery, starter or turbo ".Dudas: Start & Stop will end the life of my engine?

"For all the above, both use the Start & Stop can affect the reliability of my car? Toni López.

Response from our technical expert Luis Miguel Vitoria

Stay calm and use the Start & Stop, that will let down the consumption in city to the turn off the engine when you really do not need to be started. The battery It is perfectly suited to support uprooted followed and, if not, as you may have noticed that the S&S not activated. As simple as that.

The same happens when the engine is cold or are demanding the climate control intensive work: under these conditions the engine does not shut down because other considerations prevail against reduce the consumption.

He turbo suffers when you turn the engine because, really, not get cooled oil, that is the problem generated by the cracking of which is on the axis, that is the real problem. Another thing is that you come from make kilometers to Good rhythm and you take off contact and not again switch in time the engine, because then the oil that accumulates there and cooled, can itself damage the shaft as if sandpaper, ending it and disabling the turbo. So quiet, because that will not happen when the engine a few seconds or minutes off at a stoplight, for example.

Have not you noticed that engine temperature falls into that situation? Therefore there is no danger for the turbo.

If you do not mind you stop the engine (there whom yes because you can do it too soon for his liking, or too slow a page torn), use it without fear. Your pocket will thank you.

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