Dudas: toothpaste to remove scratches from headlights? Myth or Reality?

"According to some Internet forums and the opinion of some of my friends, many of them big fans of cars, toothpaste is used to clean many items from cars".Dudas: toothpaste to remove scratches from headlights? Myth or Reality?

"As read on the internet and what I have been able to tell, one of the properties that have the toothpaste is its ability to remove slightly the scratch the headlights of a car. Is this a myth or reality?"

The opinion of our technical expert Luis Miguel Vitoria

The answer is affirmative, the toothpaste It does have a kind of "Magic power". If the lighthouses from your car They begin to stay one little scratched you can use dentifrice to obtain recover, even mildly. We explained: grit, dust and other particles the scratch and wear, especially if normally parked outdoors, where sunlight to affect them.

On the other hand, you should also know that there effective short-term domestic tricks, but may be sufficient to maintain an optimal state in the lighthouses before they reach enturbiarse. Including toothpaste for polishing the surface, then adding some degreaser as WD-40. You can also use polishing paste bodywork applying a cloth, by hand or with an electric polisher or polishing fixture for hole. If your car's headlights were badly damaged it is best to go to a professional for the thorough sanding and buffing. For less than 40 euros, usually it gives good results.

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