Cars for remembrance: BMW M3 (1985)

BMW M3: the story of a legendary sportsBMW M3: the story of a legendary sportsBMW M3: the story of a legendary sportsBMW M3: the story of a legendary sports

With more than three decades behind the first generation BMW M3 It marked the beginning of one of the most desired sagas history of the automobile, which currently is in its fifth generation. Now we see it as a precious and prized car collection, with its flared fins and grill features double lighthouse, but at the time was a revolution.

In 1983 Mercedes He had put on the market its also mythical 190 2.3 16V, he used as the basis for his race car. Had 185 horses taken from a four-cylinder 16-valve cylinder head, rather than based on the six-cylinder having; engine "little" faster. BMW had left behind. His alternative then, 6 cylinder 323i and 150 hp, it fell short of power and frame. BMW needed something much more serious to stand up to Mercedes both on the street and on the track. Said and done.

He September 12, 1985 He presented to the world Frankfurt Motor Show which for me will go down in history as one of the best cars which have been created: the M3 E30. BMW killed him in two birds with one stone: first beating Mercedes with better business case, and second laid the groundwork for a race car, detail that eventually show was a success.

BMW M3East BMW M3 first born with 200 hp, although subsequent developments would achieve the 238 horses the spectacular Sport Evolution version. Initially thought to manufacture 5,000 units, which were necessary to homologate in Group A, but seen the success and demand soon exceeded this figure reaching total to 17,970 units (786 of them cabrio, 501 and 600 Evolution version of the Sport Evolution).

his price in Spain at launch it was 6,896,500 pesetas (41,448.83 euros), with just 100,000 pesetas difference to rival Mercedes; as curious to see the evolution of economic data, the M3 current price of 431 horses is 89,950 euros (14,966,420 pesetas). The M3 E30 comfortably exceeded 200 km / h top speed and it took 27.1 seconds to make one kilometer from a standstill. It was a hatchback with supercar performance.

BMW M3: A matagigantes

A detail that many people do not know is that the base used to do the M3 engine was that of F1 engine of the time, with Nelson Piquet won the World Championship in 1983 at the wheel of his Brabham, of course without the turbo. He used the same four cylinder, but with the butt 16 inherited valves 6 cylinder (shared per cylinder). Thus his Paul Rosche designer, He managed to develop this legendary engine in just two weeks.

BMW M3 E30When the BMW M3 He was released I was 14 years old. At that time was the German Touring Car Championship (DTM mythical) with the same passion with which you can follow the World Rally Championship or World Championship F1. The duel between Mercedes and BMW with 190 made with this M3 DTM lived its golden age, which later would join Alfa Romeo. Not like now, you see racing cars that bear little resemblance to what you find on the street. Then the M3 race was identical to the road car And that's where the charm of the cars of this era. I vividly remember a poster I got from a magazine, do not know whether highway or car, which left a beautiful white M3 decorated with the three colors of M in Nurburgring with two wheels in the air. Hence, every time I saw one on the street approached me to view it as if it were a work of art, and dreamed of traveling cone green hell to emulate that image.

BMW had become a sports sedan in a car that was able to beat in performance to car brands with more sporting pedigree and more image. If at that time you had a Porsche you had a spectacular car, yes, but if in the middle of a mountain is like approaching an M3 from behind, with five seats and its "huge" trunk, might not you could get to follow . That was the magic of M3, which had a powerful engine that even today amazes by its performance, and a draw frame allowing the full potential of its mechanics. In tests of the time he praised both their behavior as the engine, which is both qualified as excellent.

At that time Autopista said in final test summary"Virtually no fault to put, for even until consumption are really moderate. If there is any factor worth noting, regardless of its mechanics and behavior, we are left with their easy to achieve excellent averages". On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its release, I was able to get on a unit in perfect condition. What surprised me is that his behavior did not feel old. Its speed cornering plus many modern cars wanted, the brakes or electronic elements and comfort popularized the only points that you remembered you were in a car thirty years being. Without being especially uncomfortable, he enjoyed a firm and pleasant Suspension, without rocking and transmitting a high sense of security. It will take time and will remain beautiful.

Technical data: BMW M3 1985

displacement: 2.302 cm3

Power200 hp

Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT: 4.36 x 1.67 x 1.36 meters

Weight: 1.290 kg

Maximum speed230 km / h

0-100 km / h: 6.7 seconds

average consumption8.3 l / 100 km

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