Range Rover Reborn: a classic that can re-buy

Range Rover Classic RebornRange Rover Classic RebornRange Rover Classic RebornRange Rover Classic Reborn

Land Rover Classic is a division of the brand that deals with the restoration of vehicles out of production and. His first works, last year, were made with the Defender, returning to conditions similar to those they had when they left the factory, various units of the 1 Series while, in parallel, Jaguar-both British brands are integrated into the same business consortium and are subsidiaries of Tata Motors India has done the same through Jaguar Classic, with XKSS and E-Type.

The first Range Rover "reborn" is a Classic 1978, which it has undergone a complete restoration to specification 1970. Production will be presented at the Paris Motor Show next Rétromobil. They will be followed by at least nine. The restored, with the three-door body gold color, unit carries a 3528 cm3 V8 with 132 horsepower linked to a four-speed automatic transmission.

Range Rover RebornThe team of experts who carried out the reconstruction of this unit is also available to owners of classic cars of the brand with the purpose of advise on which cars are best suited for processes such as they have undertaken. They report, for example, suitable chassis numbers. Yes, the prices Restorations are not within reach of every budget and are for authentic capricious: Range Rover newly reconstructed Reborn It will cost from 135,000 pounds, about 158,000 euros. The contrast with this price introduces the second-hand market, where you could find Range Rover Classic, manufactured between 1970 and 1981, 10 times less ... yes, even on reasonable terms, not as if they had just leaving the production line as it is the case of the Range Rover Reborn.

Tim Hanning, director of Jaguar and Land Rover Classic, stressed the commitment of this division with the rich heritage of the brand and the opportunity it provides for customers to revalue their vehicles.

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