Hyundai i40 sedan, the big South Korean asset

It has finally passed through our hands version
four-door Hyundai's new sedan, the
i40, and has not let us down. Neither their design,
specially designed for the European market,
its spacious interior and not the sensations
steering wheel. The South Korean brand has worked hard
the heir of the Sonata and his work is giving

Hyundai i40 sedan

Hyundai i40 sedan

Hyundai i40 sedan

Hyundai i40 sedan

Maybe not the sedan with which one can enjoy driving more, but we can ensure that the Hyundai i40 sedan meets at least the minimum, in almost all sections: nice, pleasant for the occupants, spacious trunk, It has a Proper selection of motorization and, accordingly, a consumption actually contained that they put you at the very top segment D.

Starting with its spectacular exterior design, the best of the new i40 sedan: smooth, modern lines, starting with a raised front with hexagonal grille, going through a very high waist line, to end in a defense that Hyundai has taken care to the extreme, giving it one plus of sportiness and dynamism in the fall of the gate. This design is not casual, it is perfectly designed to be as aerodynamic possible (Cx of 0.28), which affects other aspects of the car that make it more interesting.
The most important consumption. The i40 comes with two different engines and three power levels. On the one hand is the 1.6 GDI petrol and 135 hp. On the other hand, the supply of Diesel has the 1.7 CRDI 115 hp and 136 hp. Both diesel propulsion may be accompanied by the Technology 'Blue Drive', which allows the i40 achieve a really low consumption. Thus the 'small' of this technology announces Diesel consumption 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers, while the 136 hp Drive Blue announces 4.5 l / 100 km. Both do not exceed 120 g / km of CO2, so they are exempt from paying registration tax. The transmission is six-speed manual automatic six gears and, the latter only available for the most powerful diesel version.

Mentioning is also the work of Hyundai in its own automatic transmission torque converter: smooth, very fast and accurate, besides being also very compact and lightweight, which affects the same way in reducing consumption. Thanks to the three sets of satellites and four differential pinions, driving in automatic mode -well it fully automatic or sequentially very nice. Changes are fast, no noticeable hitches in the downshift when you need more delivery and sequential mode works swimmingly.

Weight1378-1507 kg (depending on version)
Length / Width / Height4,770 / 1,815 / 1,470 mm
Battle2,770 mm
Track (front / rear)1,591 / 1,597 mm
Headroom 1.025 / 985 mm
Legroom1.170 / 850 mm
Shoulder1,455 / 1,420 mm
Hip room1,390 / 1,380 mm
fuel tank70 liters
Trunk505 liters

The first contact with the i40 sedan was in the national presentation, horseback between Madrid and San Lorenzo de El Escorial. In a combined conventional route of highway and roads, we saw the great virtues of the South Korean four-door sedan. He got behind the wheel, what most caught my attention was the aplomb with which it moves between the curves, glued to the asphalt at all times without offering any doubt and any strange movement, what if very dynamic and safety. While it is true that the requirement of the journey was not very big, yes we can see that the new i40 is 'on rails'.
As mentioned at the beginning, possibly the i40 is not the best if one is to enjoy a sportier drive, but it is not the intention of the i40. It is, in contrast, achieve interior height model, and here our note is also positive. The materials have quality finishes, soft to the touch and very careful. On the other hand, the i40 is very generous in terms of space, both the driver and companions, thanks mainly to the outstanding battle (2,770 mm) and its width (1.815 mm). He trunk Nor it falls short at all. Despite having less space family i40 SW (553 liters), the 505 liters of capacity sedan version it one of the most spacious in the segment.

One of the premises is declared by Hyundai "Safety is not an extra", and so they have applied for other equipment. In four different levels are standard many elements that are optional on other models. Remarkable, connectivity Bluetooth with voice recognition, cruise control, LED daylight, hill start system, electric parking brake or automatic defogging system.
Access version is called 'City' O well 'Blue Drive City', latter with alloy wheels 16 inch car rearview mirror as color highlight. finishing 'Techno' parking incorporates audible warning system and lane change, among other options. Finally, the finish 'Style' brings alloy wheels 17 inch heatable seats leather, start button, and directional adaptive headlights xenon, etc.
In short, a model, the i40 sedan, able to fight face to face with their competitors: Volkswagen Passat, Ford Mondeo, Citroen C5, and why not, Audi A4, BMW 3 Series Y Mercedes C Class. The great asset of Hyundai, one Great value for the price in a efficient, spacious and a saloon successful design.

All these efforts have not been in vain. Korean firms Hyundai-and in general follow their particularly upline. And we say that the latest products from the South Korean brand, in this case, are increasingly able to look face to face with the great models of the European market. Time will tell if they succeed, but it looks like it can do, at least that is the intention of Hyundai. The new i40 -Just premiered last September in familiar body Station Wagon- is one of its banners for short-term future of the company. "The i40 is the most important in years new Hyundai car", they say from the brand.
And is not for less. The i40, a model manufactured exclusively for the European market, now comes in four-door sedan version with a clear intention: attract customers from the Old Continent. Otherwise, it is not explained that the new South Korean sedan has been conceived and designed in European Central R & D company Rüsselsheim (Germany). Because, as we talked, the design is one of the most important m strong points -but the i40. And we do not mean just us, since in 2011 he was awarded the 'EuroCarBody' the car with the best design of all the innovations of the year.
Hyundai i40 sedan prices:
i40 GDi City 135 CV: 21,190 euros
i40 CRDi 115 hp BlueDrive City: 22,190 euros
i40 1.6 GDi GLS 135 hp: 23,390 euros
i40 1.7 CRDi GLS 115 hp BlueDrive: 24,690 euros
i40 1.7 CRDI GLS 136 hp BlueDrive Tecno: 26,690 euros
i40 1.7 CRDI GLS 136 hp Aut .: BlueDrive Tecno 28,690 euros
i40 1.7 CRDI GLS 136 hp Style: 30,690 euros
i40 1.7 CRDI GLS 136 hp Style Browser: 31,940 euros
i40 1.7 CRDI GLS 136 hp Automatic Style: 31,940 euros
i40 1.7 CRDI GLS 136 hp Aut Style Browser.: 33,190 euros

* Prices without applying the discount launching offer: 1,500 euros.