Renault Talisman Sport Tourer, best family sedan bodywork

The new Sport Tourer Renault Talisman is put on sale in Spain with a starting price of 26,900 euros. five engines are available to choose from

Sport Tourer Renault Talisman, family car

Sport Tourer Renault Talisman, family car

Sport Tourer Renault Talisman, family car

Sport Tourer Renault Talisman, family car

The new Sport Tourer Renault Talisman who wants to seduce a family car with three bodies silhouette seems either very traditional or very little versatile. The length It is almost identical to that of the sedan (Varies just one centimeter, with a total of 4.86 meters), but his trunk It is a bit less if we measure until Luggage cover: 572 liters Sport Tourer 608 of the saloon.

But this is a smaller capacity theoretical data, because if we wind the cover-luggage and loaded the car up to the ceiling, we will have a capacity other 492 extra liters. A trunk very regular shapes, with 1.07 meters wide at the mouth of cargo and 1.12 meters deep. If the seats folded down, we can load objects up to 2 meters long.

This new Sport Tourer Renault Talisman is one of the top three cars in its category If we follow the boot capacity in liters measured by the Technical Center WWW.AUTOPISTA.ES. Only exceed Skoda Superb Combi, with 625 liters and its little brother, the Skoda Octavia Combi which reaches 620. Even if we consider as an enlarged Octavia compact and therefore a smaller category, the following would be the Mercedes E-Class Estate 555 liters. Of course, we have to check if 572 liters announced by the brand correspond with our measurements.

Sport Tourer Renault Talisman Porter

Renault Talisman equipping Sport Tourer

Inside the new Sport Tourer Renault Talisman highlights its large touchscreen from which you manage and customize many elements of the car: from the sound system, through modes Driving five modes Multi-sense system. However, this vertical display is only for the top-end versions, the most basic and has a lower horizontal configuration. The Life finish, the start to the end, does not have this large central screen.

Besides the aforementioned Multi-sense system, the highest range can have versions of the steering system to the four wheels 4Control. This, according to Renault "in terms of feelings, it's like Talisman Sport Tourer shorten their battle for the benefit of maximum flexibility".

As to system safety and comfort, Sport Tourer has the same devices as a sedan versions. You can expand the information here.

The behavior of the new Sport Tourer road does not differ practically nothing about his brother as a sedan. Perhaps we should point out something more than rumorosidad in the rear seats due to a lower insulation between the trunk and passenger compartment when compared to the sedan.

Sport Tourer Renault Talisman, their engines

This Renault Talisman Sport Tourer has the same range of engines, with five powers available, the sedan. two petrol 1.6 tce 150 or 200 hp. In the case of Diesel, these are three: 1.6 dCi 160 hp, the range-topping 1.6 dCi 130 hp and 110 hp 1.5 dCi. The change can be manual or automatic dual-clutch, but always six relations.

Prices (without discounts) of Renault Talisman Sport Tourer



Life Energy dCi 110 ECO2


Intens Energy TCe 150 EDC


Intens Energy dCi 110 ECO2


Intens Energy dCi 130


Intens Energy dCi 130 EDC


Zen Energy TCe 150 EDC


Zen Energy TCe 200 EDC


Zen Energy dCi 130


Zen Energy dCi 130 EDC


Zen Energy dCi 160 Twin Turbo EDC


Initiale Paris Energy TCe 200 EDC


Initiale Paris Energy dCi 160 Twin Turbo EDC


Source: Renault

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