Kia Niro HEV: Testing and prices first hybrid SUV Kia

The Kia Niro HEV, the first hybrid SUV Kia already has defined its range to Spain. We detail the prices and our analysis after having tried.

This is the first Kia hybrid SUV, the HEV Niro

This is the first Kia hybrid SUV, the HEV Niro

This is the first Kia hybrid SUV, the HEV Niro

This is the first Kia hybrid SUV, the HEV Niro

In September deliveries begin first hybrid SUV Kia, the new Kia Niro HEV. We drive in his coming-in Spain, already defined versions that make up the range in our country.

One of the attractions of Kia Niro HEV, hybrid technology Besides, it is your price. The new Niro comes to our market below 20,000 euros excluding PIVE Plan, a price that positions him as one of the cheapest hybrid. And is that Kia He has opted to deal with this new model two of the segments that are growing and with greater prospects continue to do so, that of the SUV and the hybrids. In fact, one in four cars It is sold SUV and short-term forecasts estimate that are already one in three.

Kia Niro HEV

He Kia Niro HEV It could be encompassed between SUV of the compact category with their 4.35 meters long, highlighting for care exterior design leading to him offer drag coefficient Cx 0.29. A fluid design that highlights its short front and rear overhangs who moves to inside, in which Kia has managed to create a very pleasant environment with a dashboard where everything is close at hand and the Information on the instrument panel and the central display very complete, including the operation of the hybrid system, which allows us to check at all times as the energy that moves is generated Kia Niro. Touching each knob or button denotes a high production quality and adjustments very solid, conveying a sense of a higher segment car.

For shapes and sizes, there is no doubt the Kia Niro SUV personality HEV, although ground clearance is only 16 centimeters. No, as in the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid, all-wheel drive versions with a second electric motor, but his philosophy is not that, but to provide daily use large doses of comfort and versatility. It could even become the first car of a family, because the Kia Niro supports four passengers and luggage abundant factly.

Kia Niro HEV: we move

only a road performance somewhat fair for those looking very dynamic could limit it, but in most cases the Niro convince for their ability to move at medium speeds. Silence stands up showing in city traffic, with the initial action of the electric motor provided on the march smoothly to not offer, like other hybrids, the option circulating in 100% electric mode by pressing a button. Roadside stands out for the speed with which it operates thanks to its automatic dual-clutch six-speed DCT, showing a smooth operation and contributes to the connection between thermal and electrical motors is really nice for softness. The change includes a program Sport which allows a manual sequential use with lever, but without paddles on the steering wheel. A more or less quiet rhythms, adapting our driving operation of the hybrid set, we can achieve really tight consumption, in the environment of five liters, but if we require hard acceleration either to advance or to keep up on steep slopes and generate more noise than desired fuel costs it seems to rise also more than desired. We will have to wait for our thorough test to confirm this.

Kia Niro HEV

And if we say that its performance level is not very high it is also in part by the frame that is certainly more than enough for the pushability of the hybrid system, developed jointly 141 hp power. Difficult to embarrass this new frame, a platform designed specifically for this model-and for almost brother Hyundai ioniq- and combines a high degree of comfort with very strong cornering performance. Rather suspension throwing firm, and soft in general and quick steering, moves between curves with remarkable effectiveness, especially in versions with wheels 18 inches and 225/45 tires, which correspond to the highest level of equipment Emotion. With those of 16 inches and measures 205/60, wins in comfort and consumption slightly lower, at least according to official data.

For him Spanish market, They are defined three levels of finishes, Concept, Drive and Emotion, with prices starting 19,985, 21,385 and 24,385 euros respectively. From the first, it is standard system maintenance support rail, LED lights, cruise control, bluetooth or climate control Among the highlights, adding the following folding exterior mirrors with intermittent level, roof rails, camera parking assist with rear parking sensors and browser with 7-inch screen. For those who want the highest level of equipment, Emotion includes the above the aforementioned 18-inch wheels, adaptive cruise control, bi-xenon browser with 8-inch screen, upholstery fabric and leather or wireless charging system for mobile.

Kia Niro Spanish market prices

1.6 Concept HEV: 19,985 euros

1.6 HEV Drive: 21,385 euros

1.6 HEV Emotion: 24,385 euros

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