First test: Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II and absolute

Body almost 5.4 meters, 2.4 tons, a V12 engine of 570 hp, less than 5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and 310,000 € basic price. Everything is greatness in the new Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, the latest evolution of a supreme luxury limousine for a day opens the door edén swankiest engine. Passes and settle with us, you will not regret: it is a unique experience.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, absolute power

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, absolute power

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, absolute power

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, absolute power

It's funny, but both up and then getting off a Rolls-Royce same first feeling you have left: the carpet. Simply shoot only a few hours behind the wheel of Rolls-Royce new Ghost Series II to receive a fineness, insulation and unparalleled ride comfort in the industry. A real flying carpet. And just barely a minute to feel your feet sink into nearly 10 centimeters of the finest wool ever trod, which makes up the entire floor of a cabin bathed in every corner with the greatest luxury you see in the motor world. Anecdotal yes, but beginning representative.

Hand delivered this new Ghost Series II recently released on the market (Yes, I know, what responsibility) is our for 24 hours. It was not the first time I climbed a Rolls-Royce, but the new Rolls-Royce. 6 years ago when I was lucky enough to drive the new Phantom Coupé, everything was classicism, correctness, tradition. A chauffeur accompanied you and you were always surrounded by the usual British phlegm. Today, however, free rein, maximum normal for a luxury brand that wants to respond to a new era. This replaces the old nobility and aristocracy rancid by a younger generation of millionaires owners: New magnate entrepreneurs, entrepreneur or successful artist. The latter I do not say, say it and your dossier.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series IISo nothing changes regarding comfort and exclusivity that always involves a Rolls-Royce, but You feel today in this Ghost II a more modern product. Evolved therefore on the model that was launched in 2009, it debuts a completely new front (its huge front grille replaces the design evoked the colonnades of a Greek temple resembling today more air intake of an aircraft and there are new headlights LED framed by diurnal) lights, fins more curves, higher lateral line than usual for emphasize its sportiness and redesigned hood with burnished steel effigy of the Spirit of Ecstasy (so called brand logo) More inclined to gain presence during driving. For me, no doubt, the most distinctive and exhilarating view of motorsport. Boot time.

Driver ...

Press the power button and start, or feel it. He knew the myth that Rolls-Royce engines are so perfect that are tested with a glass full of water on them to ensure that there are no vibrations, but did not quite believe his BMW spectacular V12 origin, with 48 valves, direct injection, two turbos and 6.6 liter. And he sat before and, indeed, there is nothing like it. As legend has it, a steady speed of sound absence is such that the loudest noise you hear is the electric clock on his dashboard, while accelerating the V12 starts a spectacular symphony converted and today almost classical music. V12 how few are left ...

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series IIFoot throttle and finally double surprise: first, it runs much, much; another, more surprising if possible, how it does it, fine. You understand that moving from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds aboard a limousine between 2360 and 2420 kg It is a spectacular figure, as well as stay glued to support every stroke of 'kick-down'. However, to minimally squeeze your ability, you will need nearly a runway.

Gone are the times and that Roll-Royce just declared that their models had "enough power". Bound by EU regulations today This Ghost II declares no less than 570 hp at 5,250 rpm and, better yet, an overwhelming 79.6 mkg torque and only 1,500 rpm. Yes, as Rolls continues to show good counter, as always replaced by a power reserve indicator. Incredible drive faster than 180 km / h at full throttle and watch still have 80% to explode. Yes always a smooth ride and a progression in acceleration and in the transition between the two turbos outstanding. It really seems that you fly, that fleet on the road.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series IIThat, of course, straight and fast corners, but ... how you handle the day to day and road like "tanqueta"? Well, oddly enough, also with surprising ease. Available in two body, the Rolls-Royce Ghost II features version short wheelbase (5.40 meters long and 3.30 wheelbase) and extended wheelbase (5.57 and 3.47, respectively). Climbed up there, the feeling of power is complete. It surpassed that first impression of ostentation, and accustomed to concentrate all eyes of a public that has never seen a live Rolls (and more rarely seen), is handled with more easily than expected. Gira much, more than you can imagine if you have to give some back wheel more than normal. It is very strong down to move with ease and is also more agile than you think.

Despite its size, Rolls-Royce and we announced a more dynamic model. In its evolution, today presents the Ghost suspension upgrades, with a new design of its columns, revised dampers and new hydraulic bearings on the rear axle. Less vibration, driving higher quality and more stability, thanks to a direction with new tuning. So jealous always your changes, little information made public Rolls-Royce, but the truth is that its Ghost moves great, almost without rocking, very weak and controlled inertia, and a large escalation of reactions despite having all its power only to the rear axle. Obviously it's not a supercar, nor is it intended to be, but you hardly believe how well it goes with immense optional 21-inch wheels (Express request of the Chinese market and the Middle East) and even forceful braking.

Associated with the motor comes a ZF automatic 8-speed, Today it owns a signature BMW, exquisite performance. In it, Rolls does not want to intervene with nothing but a button (Low) would become something like a sport mode. No cams, no ability to select gears. For what? It's going great, very smooth, fast and the new support system satellite transmission and recently joined the Wraith. GPS information is able to anticipate your moves based on the position of the car and your driving style. Thus, by detecting such that circulate rapidly between curves, it is able to select a lower gear to ensure the best response when you step on the accelerator. Amazing how well it goes.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series IIAnd companion

If adjectives end up behind the wheel and to define this Rolls-Royce Ghost II, companion we find the same problem. Although want to rejuvenate its image and bring greater dynamism, these British limousines always thought to go with driver ... and still enjoy as well. And always surrounded by a exquisite touch and the best selection of materials both wood and skins, their living quarters are still being made entirely by hand in assembly processes that last up to a month. And so thoroughly that not even allow tolerances greater than 0.1 mm.

and we enter its two rear seats (the rear doors, incidentally, are contrary to the usual, with hinges behind to improve access) and It is the best environment management office. Both front and rear seats have improved ergonomics and adjustments latter even formed by two independent armchairs that have changed the angle to improve communication between companions. Come to a meeting "Business". Large space in all dimensions, independent of the best wood tables, massage functions, three options of air conditioning or heating, individual screens to follow the TV or Internet access to all data or travel ... Nothing is missing.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series IINor need the latest equipment on board today. For two Touch Pad (One between the front seats and another between the rear) can also recognize English, Arabic and Chinese characters (Why is that?) To handle all the functions of a central display 10.25 inches, to the best Internet connection SIM card and creating an entire Wi-Fi network, all types of cameras and a spectacular Audio equipment manufactured and designed specifically for this Ghost with woofers in the trunk 7 tweeters strategically scattered inside and two other speakers in the headliner to wrap around the passenger compartment. Even microphones constantly monitor ambient noise from outside to make adjustments and correct frequencies. Not too mention the usual umbrella panels that hide the front doors of all Rolls-Royce.

It was time. Toca get off this gem engine. Price, 310,000 euros, actually is anecdotal. Considering that up to 82% of the models of Rolls-Royce purchased pass through the Bespoke department (UK unit specialized in the exclusive and extreme customization), the final invoice is often considerably higher. It matters little to its customers, because, as said Henry Royce, "Their cars are designed from its inception in 1904, for anyone willing and able to pay for the choicest car that money can buy".