Tesla S P85D, an electric car so fast it will make you squeal

Do not kid yourself, the Tesla S car is not fashionable in Hollywood to be electric, but because it accelerates like bring your own amusement park with you.

Tesla S P85D

Application to remotely control the charging status Tesla S

Tesla S P85D interior

Instrumentation Tesla S P85D

The Tesla is power, not only for its price, which in the case of the Tesla S P85D we could try its cost exceeds 100,000 euros. Who was able to climb once an Audi R8 or Porsche Turbo you will have seen the offensive power in their treatment of space and time. Anglophones have it easy when you talk about "Power" you can refer to the power or power. In the case of Tesla SP85D, you have the two, the equivalent of 700 horsepower (515 kW) and offensive power to make any maneuver involving a sudden change of pace. Call overtaking lane change or braking, the Tesla S behaves like a sports. Actually, much more class, no muss or ranting by those tailpipes of the Tesla S lacks, without losing a split second about those reputed rivals. With one difference: the Tesla S to drive can not just go five occupants at ease, but hides two Crates for children hidden in the trunk, It arises if an emergency and must be seven board. And if you need something, there is an option to enhance it, which some have baptized as P90D.

Tesla has the largest screen

17 inch Tesla SGo if size matters: one that sneaks into a Tesla can take your eyes off her. Presides vertical center of the dashboard the Tesla S a larger 17-inch screen than my computer. Impossible to fail with finger pressing a button on the touch screen. It makes you wonder exactly who will be those distant, small and equally small graphics touchscreens that populate many of the most modern cars have occurred. Even the driver can fend off the center screen your eyes when you need information, even if digital instrumentation has an elaborate and careful design, full of information. Logical, because with constant internet connectivity -the is another priority of Tesla mapping is loaded with details, for example. Until the car itself benefits from this connectivity, suggests the most convenient stops charging stations Supercharger (free) along the route, and receives regular invitations to update the latest software vehicle itself.

No transmission tunnel without shifter, the central space is huge. In the front seats it seems to go in the living room. Behind, thanks to the width of the car fit perfectly behind three adults. Of course, with this own width of American cars, rails seem to me slightly narrower than usual. Just in case, the camera helps windshield lane assistant, intrusive and all occupants informer, that makes you put much more attention to circulate without even approaching the boundary lines.

Tesla is the silent sports

Climb a supercar usually force some contortion. Jump on the Tesla S, with makings and an Audi A6 next to size, it is easy. Start the engine of a V10 or similar, with its exhaust sound, vibrations, not only quickens the pulse driver until the occupant feel the tingling in their backsides. In the Tesla S, the idling electric motors are detainees, in complete silence, only to turn up the volume invites super stereo. Hands get sweaty in a supercar just thinking that at any moment about to step on and your hands and feet will be launched into a frenzied dance while needles, digits and lights move endlessly and the horizon about. In the Tesla, luxury saloon, hold the steering wheel away from you almost unmindful of the time thoroughly put the right foot on the accelerator. However, the result is the same. More than two tons of Tesla S P85D evaporate at the moment you step on the pedal. From standing, all-wheel drive ensures that we do not lose one iota of strength and moving ... yes, head also gives you a jolt back instantly when stepping, like a sudden shifting of a supercar. As in a fairground attraction, in that instant, exceeds 1g acceleration, as a fall in vacuo. Then, the violent part is over, simple forceful acceleration, almost noiselessly and without stopping until you realize that the landscape flows and very, very fast. Stressless. What a difference engine howls of those supercars, the feeling that something is ripping each step up, heart racing and passenger clenched knuckles while clinging to the door handle. Occupants are those who cry out in surprise, and the driver ... with quiet smile. If the Tesla P85D impresses, it is especially so, his calm power. Because then you see "crawling" 100 on the highway, enjoying inner peace, that comfortable air suspension automatically lowers the height at high speed, the optional audio equipment ... and even if they refuse, pending all that the passenger is finding brujulea online while in the gigantic center tablet.

The Tesla revolution

Yes, more modest versions Tesla S, with half power without all-wheel drive, without all the -costosos- attachments of this unit, I guess it will be interesting and attractive, but I do not think like this P85D a romp involving car manufacturers lifetime. Without this P85D, maybe we would have taken much longer to see that Porsche is encouraged with the Mission-e and Audi with the future Audi Q6, whose precursor we saw in Frankfurt under the format Audi e-tron quattro concept.

The Tesla shows power irreverent staging able to sell cars online without workshops or representatives in the country, making up their own network of recharge, the powers that multiply by 20 the other electrical connection own standards ... Tesla has decided to break with the established, the way to sell cars, to understand the electric car, to understand the ecology and dealing with customers. It was enough to tell that they were brand new in Gerona the first charging point Supercharger, Tesla specific, that were coming from all parts of Europe, S. Tesla owners with true ambassadors of their cars, the electric concept, They meet as a society of hunters, but here is no presumption of individual achievement, but what is able to make the car.Is it a fad? Is it a fever? They just take to the streets Tesla X, after years collecting payments as a reserve, to customers who did not even know the price. No, everyone who has tried a Tesla has been impressed, whether you like green cars, as if he likes the most radical cars. We continue still impressed with the most potent of the Tesla S and hoping to get on the P90D, with more power and autonomy -95 kilowatt hours in their BATTERIES- or Autopilot latest software updates as if it were a mobile- phone say who they come near to the autonomous driving car.

Rates Tesla S (VAT)

70D (332 hp) 83,817 euros

85D (422 hp) 94,828 euros

P85D (262 + 510 hp) 116,971 euros


90 kWh battery: 3,267 euros

Ludicrous Speed: 11,011 euros (only 90 kWh)

Autopilot: 2,783 euros

premium lighting: 3,267 euros

air suspension: 2,783 euros

Hi-fi 12 loudspeakers: 2,783 euros

Enlargement to 7 people: 3.267 euros

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