Contact: BMW 428i Gran Coupe. great big sedan coupe and …

As sporty to look at and so convenient to use as the 4 Series coupe and sedan 3 Series, the new 4 Gran Coupe combines this growing format 4-door coupes much of the best of both worlds.

Contact: BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

Contact: BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

Contact: BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

Contact: BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

It was Mercedes with that first CLS to pull off this format body that played a new kind of "coupé" 4-door and many of us refer to it as the sedan prettiest brand star.

BMW 4 Series Gran CoupeWith this stylish, sporty and practical format is achieved reconcile the rational purchase with passion in one car and also secure you think that arise in every case each the most beautiful car market.

The new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe It is equally throughout the sports version 2 doors, but it is also 12 mm higher (and lower than 40 3 Series) and its long roof provides good headroom in the rear seats. Reasonably good is access and accommodation behind with its rear doors Independents (all without frames), although as BMW communicates honestly, its Gran Coupe is a 2 + 1 seats behind, although not for lack of space, if the definition of the rear bench.

In any case, you feel going back in a light sedan and coupe not in a narrow. Similarly, with 480 liters of luggage space diaphanous, the Gran Coupe offers more than the traditional coupe Series 4 and the same as the sedan Series 3, with the addition of more space which releases its wide door electric drive. To end another good argument practicality, the rear backrests fold down sections and forms a flat base with floor trunk.

BMW 4 Series Gran CoupeIn front of steering wheel, showy sportsmanship and lots quality. Very good driving position, excellent seating, controls, generous set-up and impeccable execution. The possibilities of personalization equipment and finishes allow you to configure very different units and the same applies to assess their behavior, with different suspensions, directions, wheel / tire and wheel drive To refine the behavior. In any case, 4 Series Gran Coupe It is what it seems, a car Dynamic and lightweight steering and a rear axle also obviously willing to turn acceleration.

At the wheel

In our first contact and keeping to the unit conducted with sporty finish M, he 4 Series Gran Coupe She has delivered us a roll very comfortable and filtering, that you thank in your role luxury saloon. In this regard, BMW They have left firmly on the road for more flexible morons and the combination has proven seemed a excellent compromise and starting point for dynamism and comfort for the dual role of Gran Coupe.

BMW 4 Series Gran CoupeIn this dual role, version 428i fully enters. Remember that now the numeral refers to 2.0 Turbo 4-cylinder and 245 hp. Diesel in our world, this mechanical pride reminds us that good gas blocks They are another story. Which responds well in all its turning range from very low rate, as a good Diesel, hysteria looking to turn 7,000 revolutions, after a strong and progressive transition. He Steptronic change to devised for this, for their fast and smooth inserts gears, shifting in manual or automatic mode. Among its various modes, the Steptronic can also be uncoupled to scroll through the inertia of the car in favorable situations.