Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Toyota SUV, now Hybrid

The Toyota RAV4 debuts updated in 2016 and is accompanied by a hybrid variant, unprecedented in the Toyota SUV. In turn, it is split into 4x2 and 4x4 versions.

Toyota RAV4 hybrid test

Toyota RAV4 hybrid test

Toyota RAV4 hybrid test

Toyota RAV4 hybrid test

Wait Toyota that by 2020 more than 50 percent of its models sold in Spain are hybrids. And not only that. The renewed RAV4, estimated that 66 percent of sales take them the new Hybrid version, by 22 percent Diesel version, which incidentally also debuts with restyling 2016 an interesting mechanics 2.0 Diesel 143 hp BMW source (As in the Toyota Avensis); and 12 percent of sales will be the version 2.0 petrol 151 CV.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: first SUV hybrid segment

He RAV4 Hybrid It becomes the first SUV hybrid category. However, RAV4 It is practically the same car as the "premium" Lexus NX. In fact, RAV4 Y NX They share the same group and hybrid mechanical platform. The mechanical scheme consists of a heat engine gasoline 2.5 Atkinson cycle 155 hp. Beside, on the same front axle, one is adosa electric motor from 105 hp. And in the AWD version, one second 68 hp electric motor on the rear axle. He rear electric motor brings its push into very specific situations: Driving start, strong acceleration, slopes accused and obviously whenever there is a loss of motor skills on the front axle.

Toyota RAV4 HybridIn both versions of Toyota RAV4 Hybrid the combined maximum power is 197 hp. the same services are advertised and better fuel very light version 4x2: Combined consumption 4.9 l / 100 km versus 5.0 l / 100 km. Weight is also 65 lower kilos: 1,695 kg AWD version. For reference, the new Diesel version 2.0D-4D 4X4 announces a combined consumption 4.7 l / 100 km, Weighing 1,535 kg, Worst acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h (9.6 seconds versus 8.3) and higher speed (195 km / h versus 180).

The engines eLECTRICAL RAV4 Hybrid They feed on a battery from nickel hydride that is recharged with the investment of own electric motors braking or simply stop accelerating, going to work then as generators. Therefore, the RAV4 the Plug-in charging technology in the home network of 220 volts, a technique that dominates it does not add all hybrids new generation rivals Toyota / Lexus, Hybridization precursors of today. Its officials even told us to contemplate in the future such variants Plug-in (In the outgoing Prius was a variant loading home network), but you still see much room for development in their hybrids conventional and further understands that price his hybrids greatly facilitates access to its models and therefore "democratized". The price of RAV4 Hybrid in Spain It not yet announced (it starts selling in April), but reveal that will be very competitive within the range.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid InteriorToyota RAV4 Hybrid: modes EV, Eco and Sport

Key in the mechanical scheme RAV4 Hybrid is his change type automatic by a gear planetary, it new in Toyota you can simulate 6 speed virtual and manage sequentially from the shift lever. This change is somewhat peculiar for its effect slip in strong acceleration effect on which he has worked knowing that they recognize that it is not liked by all users of their hybrids. In this sense, now in strong acceleration It is used to higher delivery of or electric motors and a response more slowly of the motor thermal gasoline. In any case, RAV4 chest out its own operation and efficiency exponentially city, moderate driving road and open paths, where for many times he is able to just roll in electric up to speeds of about 50 km / h; with very softly when it comes into operation gasoline engine and a high ride comfort. It has worked in isolation of the passenger compartment, using up to 55 percent more deadening material. It has also acted on many points lowering the level of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

Generally, conduction Toyota RAV4 Hybrid very nice and more when you know Y You understand his functioning and how driver tea you imply minimally in their use. It is not hard to see urban consumption and suburbs around 5.5 liters, a more typical figures Diesel utility; and in highway stabilize socks about 7 liters, again own models Diesel equivalents.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: design and equipment 2016

The new RAV4 Hybrid and looks new image of renewed range 2016. At frontal major focus changes: grill, headlights, bumpers and lower guard They have passed through the worktable designers. Inside it has also been retouched dashboard Y Table watches to improve its visual appearance and perceived quality. Comes in a new central monitor touch 7 inches color among other projections, shows a view peripheral 360º Car to facilitate parking or driving around obstacles.

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