Mazda CX-5 2017 test an SUV most technologically

The new Mazda CX-May 2017 received a major renovation, with which significantly improves its dynamic capabilities, equipment expands and updates its image.

New Mazda CX-5

New Mazda CX-5

New Mazda CX-5

New Mazda CX-5

Mazda is a brand somewhat different when considering their products. His working method is based on a common philosophy, known by the brand itself as SKYACTIV. When at home take a new model, they pose in terms of technology generation in which it is located. Now the brand is immersed in the end of what they call the sixth generation of product, which corresponds to technology SKYACTIV I. This technological concentration It has scheduled its full renovation in 2018 with the future Mazda 3, which will be responsible for brand model SKYACTIV II. Meanwhile its range has to continue to be updated to keep abreast of what is customary in the market.

He SUV CX-5 It presents since 2012 and has garnered a major sales success, which has led the brand to grow many integers worldwide, but especially in the European market. It had a major update in 2015, where he mainly worked to modernize its equipment and interior. Given that the same model usually takes about six years for sale, with mid-life update, the Mazda CX-5 should be renewed completely in 2018. However, Mazda has chosen to apply him some pills now what will be the SKYACTIV II and maintaining its structure, modernizing it in depth so you can hold out until the generational change, based on the SKYACTIV II, must not arrive before 2018 or 2019.

So, the new Mazda CX-May 2017 evolves much more than you expect an upgrade. The chassis has 55 percent of items that have been replaced or modified. The car is basically the same, with the same battle and 10 millimeters in length. Nevertheless, It has been delayed pillar 35 mm and 100 mm elongated hood. It is also lower 35 mm and its tracks have widened slightly. Aesthetics is more aggressive, with the new style brand design. The headlights are LED type, which has reduced its size and "sharpen" the front, which now gives more prominence to the grid with the huge logo of Mazda. Change the side gussets and rear also reduces the size of the optics. The result is a much more sporty appearance and dynamic, transmitting feeling of being smaller and more compact than before. Mazda talk aerodynamic improvements, CX reducing by 6 percent and incorporating active air grill in the gasoline engine of 2 liters. There's a new red, called Red Soul Crystal, brighter and depth and new wheel design. The windshield reduces its thickness and the wipers are now hidden under the hood when not in use.


In the chassis new CX-May 2017 They have changed the front shocks. New maintain hardness but increase the inner diameter and include a second spring of different stiffness to filter irregularities rebound. The right and left damper now have different reference as they adapt the direction of the spiral and hardness specifications depending on the side where go mounted. Silent blocks have been modified and different suspension connections with the chassis and there are curious details like the address is anchored directly without elastic members to provide any response and feel more direct and precise. To compensate for possible vibrations, the lower arms of the front suspension now add hydraulic bushings. The pillars A and B are steels 3 percent stiffer; together we talk of a increased body stiffness of 15 percent. All work has been focused on reducing noise, vibration and generate a sense of premium car, while improving safety and dynamic capabilities.

He CX-May 2017 incorporated in its stability control the G-Vectoring Control system -own- development, a device control stability It works on the engine torque, steering and brakes to act on the wheel need thereof. In the front windshield now there is a camera that works with microwave radar. As a result now has cruise control functions "Follow&Stop "and" StopGo ", ie, that when active you can stop the CX-5 if the car ahead stops us, and then return to resume the march without driver intervention, ideal for jams.

He new CX-May 2017 It maintains the current range of engines in its latest evolution, released already in the Mazda 6. So has the gasoline SKYACTIV-G 2.0 (165 hp and 160 hp in the AWD version) and Diesel 2.2 SKYACTIV-D (with 150 hp and 175 hp), with identical powers. The gearboxes are manual and automatic 6-speed is available with front- or all-wheel drive. The latter incorporates ball bearings, with which claim to reduce the friction by 30 percent, resulting in a drop in consumption by 2 percent. From summer premiere gasoline engine SKYACTIV-G 2.5, which features a cylinder deactivation system.


He Inside the CX-May 2017 also it incorporates new features. He is newly designed steering wheel and now it has Two types of Head Up Display; one, the basic information projected on a small screen that automatically folds. The second performs the projection on the windshield itself, with good quality and image and definition. He tailgate now electrically driven, can be manipulated from the command key. The quality of materials and adjustments have been reviewed and have worked to improve sound insulation. The central screen is 7 inches and there are two USB connectors on the rear armrest. The trunk has a lower panel 9 mm thinner and the gap has been redesigned, which cargo space grows to 506 liters, according to official data. The center console is higher, approaching the gear lever to the driver 40 mm driver (60 mm automatic). All trims have new design and seats all seats.

The result of all developments seemed to me more than satisfactory. appreciated the work done to filter rolling. Dynamically car is better than before and that the level of the Mazda CX-5 was already high. I could drive units were all pre-series and yet, adjustments were spotless and did not detect any problems. I really liked the quality of the suspension, filtering the irregularities while improving the dynamic behavior, but especially improved steering feel, much more accurate and obedient than before. With this update can withstand the arrival of new rivals without problem. the arrival of a hybrid version is not scheduled based on this generation, which must be in Mazda from 2020 (they are working with Toyota). There is still no prices for Spain but was assured that would not be very different from today. The Mazda CX-5 2017 will go on sale in June.

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