Ford Kuga 2017, we tested the new compact SUV

With prices in the hand and the first official images, we only had to prove the restyling of the Ford Kuga 2017. We tell you how to go after the upgrade.

Ford Kuga 2017, driving its update

Ford Kuga 2017, driving its update

Ford Kuga 2017, driving its update

Ford Kuga 2017, driving its update

We are ready for your reservation and the first deliveries announced for the beginning of 2017, we had the opportunity to get closer to Warsaw (Poland) to test the new Ford Kuga.

We oblivious to the cold aesthetics that look many of the buildings in the country's east, chose a unit with the finish ST-Line and we set off in a rather full of green landscapes and bound Vilnius (Lithuania) route. The truth is that the visual aspect of this car is much more attractive than in 2015 because we have a Ford Kuga 2017 which is close as never to forms of great Ford Edge, especially in their front is concerned. Incidentally, say termination ST-Line (Which premiered for the first time) you feel fabulous model and does not have the high cost overrun of Vignale, Also for the first time this Ford SUV. It includes adaptive front headlights with bi-xenon technology, privacy glass (tinted, except for the front ban on the Law of Circulation in Spain) and a small rear spoiler. In addition, by acquiring the ST-Line, you have special designs of tires and suspension and steering benefit from a new setting which allows driving more 'living' without any sway.

Once inside the Ford Kuga, we find the usual sense of a large space in the front seats, which gives a good account a wide windshield. This feeling is transferred to the rear seats, at least two real you have that feature recline options. The center rear seat is reduced, in line with what we are accustomed in the segment, which makes spending many hours with your back supported it can not be liked by many. For long trips, maybe two rear passengers with center armrest deployed.

Interior Ford Kuga 2017

He hand brake now it is kind electronic and they have gained interesting options such as the steering wheel and heated front seats.

Speaking of the center console, say It has lightened the load of buttons, I could even be excessive and difficult to manage before the upgrade. Now we just have survived the buttons belonging to the climate, as well as a few of them for the infotainment system (with SYNC 3), Which it is now mostly controlled from a touch screen. The vision of this screen from the driver's position is perfect, but perhaps it is in too deep position for handling. To do this, better use the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel.

He navigation system is far more intuitive than we have ever seen on some older models and guidance is convenient and customizable.

It offers'TAILGATE Electric'Which can have hands-free or not. If so, you can open and close passing the foot under the rear bumper. Its operation is very accurate and fast, no a priori notable failures during use and without activated accidentally passing behind the car, as if it has happened on occasion with models from other brands. When opened, access a trunk with a volume of 456 liters and which can be expanded up to 1653 liters if the rear seats recline. Not the segment's largest trunk, but remains in a good position when compared with its rivals, such as Nissan Qashqai (430 liters) or Hyundai Tucson (488 liters).

Among the security systems and driver assistance, we can talk about we've tested at high speed on the highway, the 'Lane Keeping Assist', Which slightly turn the wheel if you walk on the rail line, either continuous or discontinuous. It does so precisely and with great smoothness.

How are Ford engines Kuga 2017

I must say that none of the engines incorporating Ford Kuga 2017 They come as a novelty, in case the relative new addition of mechanical Diesel 120 hp 1.5, a version that was not available during the presentation we attended in Poland. The reasons seem to be waiting a very complicated weather, so they decided to eliminate from our options models with front wheel drive. Although the 'temporary' never came, this decision made our chances were restricted and touch us try the most powerful version of the petrol engines (the only AWD) and among thrusters diesel with all-wheel drive, we opted also for the higher power level (although 4x4 150 hp was also available). If the gasoline engine fitted as standard automatic transmission type torque converter (not the dual-clutch Powershift diesel versions of the car) for diesel we set out to test the manual transmission (automatic transmission Powershift and we have tried on numerous occasions and we know more than your actual work).

Ford Kuga 2017

Starting with the unit with gasoline engine 1.5 182 hp Ecoboost, I say that the pair makes me justito (24.49 mkg), Although it is the most potent of all (the maximum torque is equal in all three power levels of the engine block) and the change does not stop working as well as it does double clutch bearing the Diesel. Would choose before any of the other two power levels with the manual gearbox (if you want a slightly faster response), unless the 4x4 traction and gasoline engine are a must for you. In addition, the engine sound is quite remarkable in the cockpit, perhaps because it is a high power for such a small displacement, extra reason to settle on either of the other two less potent, with preference for 150 hp, being a car whose weight ranges between 1,591 and 1,716 kg. We can see the differences between these two versions and diesel if we consult the maximum torque of the less powerful diesel mechanics (which I repeat we did not try), with 30.61 mkg.

In combined use is not really remarkable, because in our real test of not lower 8,9 l / 100 km, when the homologated combined consumption is 7.5 l / 100 km.

Speaking of the second test unit, one Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi 180 hp (AWD and also associated with the six-speed manual transmission) Say that their response is expected and that the manual change is as correct as automatic powershift It offered as an option (matter of preference). The pair of 40.82 mkg, It gives a good account of their effectiveness while driving. Our combined actual consumption during the test, 6,4 l / 100 km, what it stays closer than the previous 5.2 l / 100 km approved. As in the case of the former, I left with one of two levels higher power, by the weight of the car, leaving the all-wheel drive (standard on the 180 hp) and automatic change for those who need it by use or type of driving.

Access prices of the units tested the Ford Kuga 2017


Ford Kuga 1.5 4x4 182 hp Ecoboost ST-Line System - 34,200 euros

Alternative: Ford Kuga 1.5 Ecoboost 182 hp 4x4 Automatic - 32,450 euros

Alternative: Ford Kuga 1.5 Ecoboost 4x2 150 hp ST-Line 29,450 euros


Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi 4x4 180 hp ST-Line - 34,700 euros (36,450 euros * Automatic by)

Alternative: Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi 4x4 180 hp - 32,950 euros

Ford Kuga access prices 2017

Ford Kuga 1.5 Ecoboost 120 HP 4x2 - 24,200 euros

Ford Kuga 1.5 Ecoboost 4x2 150 hp ST-Line 29,450 euros

Ford Kuga 1.5 TDCi 4x2 120 hp Automatic - 25,450 euros

Ford Kuga 1.5 TDCi 4x2 120 hp Automatic ST-Line - 29,700 euros

* Consult other Ford Kuga prices

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