Driving tricks and maintenance of your car over snow

Snow driving tips

Snow provides more grip than ice, but we should take the same precautions: Circular gently, address cornering at low speed Y not make a fuss with the steering wheel will be our maximum.

The effect of snow tire is very similar to the mud. The tire must penetrate the soft part to find a hard surface below. As tires are wider our vehicle, smaller contact surface with asphalt and we, therefore, the worse the adhesion. It should not deflate the tires because the tread will increase and, consequently, tires not nail him in the snow to get to play with asphalt.

If we are to make many tours of areas with snow, the best thing is mount snow tires the same as recommended by the manufacturer for normal use. Strings are the best remedy for specific situations, but you have to know them. Here's how to do it, it is best to practice in your garage it warm for that, having to put them on the road, you do it in the shortest possible time.

Yes there are light snow, advisable follow the ruts that other cars have done previously. When you have a lot, you'd better abandon them and move without stepping on the snow. In this case, we must pay special attention to the underbody; if snow accumulates, it can cause serious damage to the car.

face a slope or a gradient Nevada is an arduous task. Increases in -and only when we are not on an open road: a garage ramp, for example, We can try to climb back down, provided that the model is of front-wheel drive. The weight will rest on the front axle, increasing adherence. In the downs, had better go short and go through areas of snow that has not been trodden marches.

Oddly enough, in areas with lots of snow on the road we can also win disconnecting grip traction control. If we do not, the system could 'go crazy': accelerating loss of traction occurs, so that the device applies the brake on the wheels lose grip. The system is accelerating and braking at the same time, thereby warming the brakes and the car fails to achieve its goal: to advance. it is best to accelerate very smoothly in higher gears, second or third, to exit from standstill.


And with fog?

The Fog also causes significant loss of visibility and wet asphalt. Faced with this weather agent, increases the safety distance with the car ahead of you and Put fog lights. Remember that the back are very annoying for other drivers: desconéctalas as they are not needed. In most cases, dipped headlights They are sufficient to address a section with mist; long create a 'halo effect' (Light bounces and does not allow us to see the road) rather uncomfortable.

Maintaining your car in winter, essential

The car must care for and pamper all year, but the cold is especially harmful to the mechanics of our car. Ideally, your vehicle does not get cold, so store it in a garage or in a covered place Is the best option. If your car sleeps in the open, it is likely that in the morning you find it full of frost or ice. And to get rid of this embarrassing problem, especially in the windshield, not everything: this is what you must do.

The elements of your car you should take more account are the tires, they must have tread depth and appropriate pressures, lights and others like brushes, the levels wave battery, suffering more than necessary at low temperatures. In this video we tell you in detail how you should take care of these elements in winter and we offer various tips and tricks.

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