Procedures for the sale of your car, and online

Procedures for the sale of your car, and online

Tramicar is an online solution to help individuals in the process of buying your vehicle. With a flat rate of 50 euros, users can access all the prior information amount of the transfer and have the advice and management related with mandatory procedures in selling a car, as they are change of ownership, the tax settlement or obtaining driving license, among others.

Convenient and easy

To use Tramicar, just access your web ( from any device, computer or Smartphone. Providing some basic vehicle data -make, model, engine, fuel and strength- You know when the overall amount derived from the fees and the settlement of tax arrangements to which must be added the change of ownership that involves buying or selling a car. This information is free and you agree to hire absolutely nothing.

If you decide to Tramicar use services, you only give your personal details and choose an office validator-there are over 60 spread throughout Spain-, which will have to go along with the car buyer, the day and time that best will come, for signing the documentation. At that moment It is when you simply pay management fees derived from the operation: 50 euros.

Also you can download online documents you have to sign with the buyer to complete the purchase: the purchase agreement, mandates for change of ownership and transfer request for traffic.

And for both buyer and seller ye informed at all times the state of your paperwork, you Tramicar enables a private space in its web.

Extra services for the buyer and seller

In addition, if you are buy a car and you want to have peace of mind that is free from administrative burdens, you can contract with the Tramicar "Clean Car Report". With this document you will know if the vehicle is free of any administrative burden, as embargos, finance and tax. Its price, 15 euros.

It is also possible to hire a "Notice of Sale" for 38 euros, a document certifying that the vehicle is no longer your property and avoids any responsibility for it from the moment of submission.