How to take your car to the airport and not overpay

Often, moving in our car to catch a flight is as comfortable either by schedule return trip or simply because the combination with bus or subway (if any) are made to hell. Why they were born several companies that make us more enjoyable airport transfers. And above, at a reduced price.How to take your car to the airport and not overpay

Among the companies dedicated to make our lives easier, taking care of our car transfers back and forth to the airport, we highlight the following:

lavacollaParking long stay

This company is one of the widest in the industry. Their parking services They're available in Madrid, Santiago, Seville, Valencia, Vigo and Lisbon. Reserving the square telephone or Internet you can pick up your car at the terminal or even leave it pointing out yourself at your facility and are the ones that take you to the airport. When you get back I will wait at the door of your arrival terminal with your car washed and gleaming. The price varies based on your needs, so they show you one online simulation on its website what it will cost you to use their services. They are thinking they open more branches in Bilbao and Porto.

Lowcost Parking

For those who fly from Mallorca or Alicante is available a service that works the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Leave the car a weekend will cost euros 13'99, 27'99 euros if you leave one week Y 69'95 euros if you leave one month. Airport transfers to both the outward and the vuelta- are included in the price. If you invoice exceeds 25 euros you wash the car outside, in addition to check the battery and tires. As its name implies: Lowcost Parking. They can be made book online or by phone.


To use their services You must leave the vehicle at facilities Lomcar It has in Madrid. From there you'll be taken to the T1, T2 or T3 Airport Barajas. When you are traveling back pick you up with your own car to the point that you choose the airport. You can also request travel to bus stops located in front of ifema (Feria de Madrid) or even some nearby hotels. Since 9 euros a day You can leave your car in their care, a little more if you want to keep your car in a covered plaza. Reservations can be made by telephone or Internet and a promise transfers to and from the airport with no waiting between 5:00 and 20:00.

Air Parking

Since 4,95 euros a day parking offer close to airport Barcelona. A minibus will take you and pick you up from the terminal. Paying a little more you can hire your VIP service and transfers will be made with your car. Further, feature in its facilities a garage if you want me to do some revision while you travel. Reservations can be made by telephone or Internet.