American cars import

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.Buick Enclave.Cadillac Escalade.Dodge procedures and paperworkan American car importprocedures and processesAmerican cars import the corresponding approval in Spain and
2004euro IVTier II Bin 5
classic and historical over 25 years old90 percent of the original pieces1986 and 2003impossible to process their approval for legal circulation by Spain

vehicleXLCarssearchtest the vehicle and will review thereofmechanics and engineersXLCarsany prior spendingnegotiation process and purchase managementcar availabilityexact placeXLCars contact -New York, Miami and Los Angeles-budgetprice of the car in the United States, transportation costs to a US port, customs fees, transport costs from the port of La Coruna to concrete city of Spain, the application of the Spanish tax (VAT and registration), the certification costs and fees expenses generated by management -comisiones- Cartend or total price of the vehicle

driveraccordancegreen light to the purchase agreementSpanish buyer should advance only the integrity of the cost of selling the vehicle in the United StatesSeaportsSpain and the United StatesNew York and Houstontransportation expensesdistance in kilometers and type of vehiclebetween 250 and 1,200 euros

containercosts generated by export permitsfastening systems and anchor the vehicle to prevent possible knocks during transport by seaby groupageExclusive container transport vehicles2,000 euros5,000 / 5,500 euros- Spain paperwork
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