10 best-selling cars in Spain in January 2017

With a 10.7 percent rise in new car registrations, the year starts with total sales of 84,515 units. Here are the best sellers.

The best-selling cars in January 2017 in pictures

The best-selling cars in January 2017 in pictures

The best-selling cars in January 2017 in pictures

The best-selling cars in January 2017 in pictures

He Diesel remains the favorite of the Spaniards in the purchase of a new vehicle fuel, but yes, It is losing ground to gasoline and with respect to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Namely, the 84,515 new cars registered in January 2017, he 52.7 percent of them are driven by diesel, he 42 percent gasoline and the 5.3 percent are hybrid and electric.

By type of vehicles, C compact segment It has brought together 20,012 registrations, compared with 18,482 units B car segment and 16,029 units of Media or compact SUV. These three types of cars, therefore pull the domestic market for new vehicles.

10 cars sales leaders in January 2017

The selling Seat, he Ibiza and the Lion, They have led the ranking of best-selling cars in Spain during the month of January. Namely, the Ibiza It has registered a total of 2,455 registrations against the 2,329 units León.

He third place on the podium is occupied by the Volkswagen Golf, a total of 2,292 registrations. The complete list Citroën C4, he Opel Corsa, he Dacia Sandero, he Opel Astra, he Nissan Qashqai, he Opel Zafira and the Toyota Auris.

1. Seat Ibiza: 2,455 units
2. Seat Leon: 2,329 units
3. Volkswagen Golf: 2,292 units
4. Citroen C4: 2.153 2.820 units
5. Opel Corsa: 1.960 1.574 units
6. Dacia Sandero: 1,923 units
7. Opel Astra: 1,736 units
8. Nissan Qashqai: 1,723 units
9. Opel Zafira: 1,569 units
10. Toyota Auris: 1,557 units
(Source: Anfac)

What brands selling cars?

By brand, the manufacturer begins the year in the first place is Opel, with 7,297 units; followed by Volkswagen (6625), Seat (6523), Peugeot (5749) and Toyota (5648). Then you have the full list of 10 brands selling car in Spain during January 2017.

1. Opel: 7,297 units
2. Volkswagen: 6,525 units
3. Seat: 6,523 units
4. Peugeot: 5,749 units
5. Toyota: 5,648 units
6. Audi: 5,090 units
7. Citroën: 4,341 units
8. Mercedes-Benz: 4,275 units
9. Renault: 4,175 units
10. Ford: 4,070 units

(Source: Anfac)

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