The best scooter 125 cm3 to drive your car license

Scooter are best sellers in Spain. Basta's license to drive car and are relatively inexpensive ... A solution to traffic jams and lack of parking!

The pair scooter buy with your car license

The pair scooter buy with your car license

The pair scooter buy with your car license

The pair scooter buy with your car license

Kymco Agility City

Is the scooter selling Spanish 2015 and their arguments are added stability wheels halfway high and small, practical level floor or hollow hull. Spiced disc brakes on both wheels and an engine proper performance and priced below two thousand euros, we have the recipe for success. Price: 1,849 euros.

Honda SH 125i

Always among the top selling scooter, Scoopy's success goes beyond fads that have technical arguments: excellent modern engine low power consumption, safe braking with ABS, flatbed and now able to hollow helmet, all with a proven years in the top of the sales charts reliability. Price: 3,389 euros.

Kymco Super Dink 125Kymco Super Dink 125

As few as three! Super units have separated dink the second position: This scooter is clearly the best-selling GT and it has been selling almost since his arrival. They keep up their good size as, amplitude for two, powerful engine capable of performing well on the road, protective cowling or large capacity gap. Price: 3,099 euros.

Honda PCX 125

In its third evolution PCX compact maintains sales pitches that led to the top of the best seller since its arrival five years ago, in particular Advanced engine very low consumption. It is agile and stable, convenient and reliable, have technology first for a reasonable price What else do you want! Price: 2,849 euros.

SYM Symphony 125

The Symphony has evolved over the years to improve in all aspects and now It offers a lot for a bargain price. The high wheels provide stability, a frame very well tuned a great engine performance and agile city does. The flat platform or under-seat complete their practical side. Price: 1,949 euros.

Yamaha XMAX 125

The price is away from rivals but the XMAX is surely the best scooter eighth liter and that has to cost. Spacious and comfortable for one or two, very capable, fast and agile road in town, stable and secure, well-equipped ... when you want the best there is, despite its price sold so well. Price: 4,349 euros.

Piaggio Liberty RST 125

The "high wheel" of Piaggio usually among the best selling models not only for its acceptance among the public (women in particular) but sales to entities such as Correos. Its strengths are light weight and compact size, hence its acceptance among motorists, as well as the smoothness of its proven engine. Price: 2,449 euros.

Suzuki Burgman 125Suzuki UH 125 Burgman

It was long ago and selling still he has many qualities to be, although competition tightens ... He improved recently, with ABS brakes and renewed aesthetics, but maintains its low seat and its huge trunk, plus excellent acceleration engine. It is the winning choice if looking capability and agility. Price: 3,899 euros.

Tweet Peugeot 125

The French brand has models like this, of Asian origin, to compete in the hard segment of high-wheel scooter for less than two thousand euros. Excellent performance and good finishes are their strengths, plus a proven engine reliability (SYM) in a scooter uncomplicated for everyday use. Price: 1.999 euros.


The Kymco sports option nicely complements the larger and tourist Super Dink, with which it shares mechanics. This model is shorter -hueco under the seat for one helmet and save a few kilos on the scale to offer more agility and more aggressive behavior, as befits its aesthetics. Price: 3,199 euros.