What does it cost to keep a car in Spain?

What does it cost to keep a car in Spain?

According to a study IDAE (Institute for Energy Saving and Diversification) -belonging to Ministry of Industry-, keep a car in our country costs about 2,000 per year. Expenses for acquisition, maintenance, insurance, taxes and refueling are some factors to consider before you buy us a car.

 A report FleetData -company specializing in studies of market- figure the costs of using a car 23.70 euros per 100 kilometers euros-about 0.23 per kilometer. Total expenses of a car depends on several factors and, of course, there is always a trick that can save an occasional visit to the portfolio.

New car or used car?
Today you could say it's the 'million dollar question', and as things stand. We will count the costs incurred and yourself can choose what best suits your budget.

If we choose to buy a car new, the dealer almost always includes -in the final price da- us a series of expenses generated by incorporating the vehicle on public roads. We talk about: Car transport costs, with a price of between 150 and 400 euros; VRT, exemption for vehicles with less than 120 grams of CO2 emissions, but at a cost of 4.75 percent emission ranges from 121 to 159 grams, 9.74 percent between 160 and 199 grams, and 14.75 percent for others; Tuition fees, including license plates and office expenses by 'red tape'; and also the Road tax, which varies from one city to another, since the City Council.

You leave it clear at the dealership if they take care of them, since the price can be inflated much.


If you want to save some money, you can personally manage taxes, avoiding having to pay most office expenses. Yes, arm yourself with free time and patience to perform them.


378 euros for third parties426 euros for third extended586 euros with excess1,053 euros for without excess

The fuel makes the difference
1,200 eurosmore than 60 percent of the cost of maintaining our vehicle

Having a healthy car
Audatex Spain1.825 euros being mechanical maintenance, tire changes and revisions recommended

Compare prices in different workshops even among official houses located in different emplazamientos- can be a significant savings. Consider that a good job of shop can extend the life of our car, so neither should be left to 'any', however much we are saving us.

Other possible expenses
It should be remembered that there are separate costs will depend on where we live and our annual car ride. The payment of tolls, the possible fines, expenses cleaning and the parking lot the car-garage, parking areas or gravadas- logically raise the cost for being holder of this transport 'luxury'.